Sha’alu Shalom Yerushalayim . . .

17 Nov

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem ; may they prosper who love you . . . Psalms 122

Courtesy of 12 Tribes TV, Avi Abelow, Israel

Bibi - Amud Anan - 1

PM Netanyahu explains the current military operation against the Hamas terror infrastructure and why it is absolutely necessary for the safety of the citizens of the State of Israel. Share this message with your friends.


Israel’s main population center is under attack. Rishon Letzion was hit and Tel-Aviv is now being threatened.

This is the first time since the Persian Gulf War in 1992 that Tel-Aviv has been under attack.

Life in the South

This is what last night sounded like and looked like in Be’er Sheva and across Israel’s South.

Missiles from homes

There are (Thank G-d) far fewer Israeli casualties than Gazan casualties for a multitude of reasons – not the least of which are: a) Israel builds bomb shelters and uses them, b) Israel cancels school and non-essential work in the name of protecting our citizens, c) Hamas uses dense population centers from which to launch attacks, thus using their own citizens as shields.

Iron dome

This amateur film was filmed by a group of Israelis watching missiles fly over their heads near Be’er Sheva. 14 out of 15 were intercepted and shot down. Each flash in the sky is an intercept.

IDF Pictures of The Day- War in the South

Amud Anan - Getting Ready to Go InGetting Ready to Go Into Gaza
amud Anan - Israel Started
Amud Anan - leaflet
Amud Anan - Hamas - Building
IsraelRocketMap- Thursday - Nov 15 - 2012
Amud Anan - Human ShieldHuman Shields
Getting Ready to Go In - 2Preparations for a Ground Assault
Kiryat Malachi - Direct hitHome in Kiryat Malachi in which 3 people were killed


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