Upcoming Feast Dates 2022

We have added this page in an effort to provide a place for static information and hopefully make it easier to find, than scrolling through the Archives.


Based on our understanding of Scripture, the seasons and the ‘lights in the heavens’, below is our reckoning of the tentative dates for the Biblical observances for the Gregorian year 2022.

Not only is the recognition and observance of the Biblical Holy Days a part of each believer’s ‘reasonable service’, there is a revelation, clarity and understanding that only comes in the ‘doing’.

The entirety of the Gospel Message is laid out in the Feasts of Yahweh, and in the doing of these mandated events, there comes a greater depth of insight into the days in which we find ourselves, end-time events and days that are to come; events and days for which we are actually performing ‘dress rehearsals’ in our physical and spiritual observances of these appointed days/dates.

So, as the writer of Hebrews admonishes, may we not forsake the assemblies as has become the habit of some as ‘The Day’ approaches. Shalom

1st Day 1st Month                                                        April 2,            beginning the evening before

10th Day 1st Month                                                    April 11,            beginning the evening before.

Passover – 14th Day 1st Month                                    April 15,          that evening

1st Day Unleavened Bread – 15th Day 1st Month        April 16,          beginning the evening before. (Sabbath)

‘Et Omer Raysheet’- The Day of the Wave Offering – Resurrection Day – The First Ascension –

Day One of the Countdown to 50

April 17th, beginning the evening before. Always the first day of the week.

Last Day Unleavened Bread-21st Day 1st Month       April 22,          beginning the evening before (Sabbath)

Pentecost – Shavuot – Feast of Weeks                      June 5th,         beginning the evening before (Sabbath)

Day 50, always on the first day of the week.

Yom Teruah/Feast of Trumpets 1st Day 7th Month   Sept 26th,       beginning the evening before (Sabbath)

Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement 10th Day 7thMonth Oct 5th,          beginning the evening before (Sabbath)

Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot 15th Day 7th Month      Oct 10th,        beginning the evening before (Sabbath)

8th Assembly/Shemini Atzeret 22nd Day 7th Month Oct 17th,        beginning the evening before (Sabbath)

“The Last Great Day” (John 7:37-38, Malachi 4)


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    Uhhhhh,,, Update to 2018?????

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    BTW, we’re coming to Sukkot 2018
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