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Rhonda and I have never been ones to quit, and we are well aware of the Scripture reminder that God will make a way of escape when circumstances seem too much to bear . . . but there are those days that can test one to the breaking point. Today is one of those days.

Our old chevy truck is a necessary workhorse of this project. With over 400,000 miles, it has been used to accomplish everything from pulling stumps and logs, stretching fencing hauling materials, to the one task without which we cannot continue to stay here – hauling fresh water. Over the last year or so, we have been blessed to be able to raise about half the funds needed to sink a water well. But half is still not enough, so we must haul fresh water in by our truck and tank for our personal needs, if for nothing else

This evening, as we were heading out for a load of water, it seems the transmission has gone out on the truck . . .no transmission means no hauling anything. Without this truck, our work here is essentially at a total standstill, as well as our ability to stay on site. Without this truck, without water, we cannot stay here. We need resolution now. Please stand with us in this most urgent need . . . shalom –J&R

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Pentecost and ‘Happy Birthday’ What’s The Word Say 06 09 16

“if this is a birthday, then I expect cake,”,the young man declared . . . Pentecost, Shavuot, Feast of Weeks, Feast of Sevens, the ‘Birthday’ of the church. As we approach this 4th of the 8 Feasts of the Lord, we pause to examine the names, the numbers and some of the meaning it should hold for the believers of the ‘last-days generation’. Shalom – J&R


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Shabbat Shalom & Shavuot Sameach

” . . . and The Priest shall wave those two leavened loaves before YHVH . . . and they shall be set-part to YHVH for the Priest . . .” We, as born-again believers, are those two loaves . . . set-part to God Almighty, for His Priest . . . ‘and we have a High Priest’ – Yeshua is His Name . . . and we are not our own, but we are bought with a price, the price of the life-blood of the Only Begotten of our Father, full of glory and grace . . .’ Shabbat Shalom and Shavuot Sameach . . . J&R


two leavened loaves

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Will you stand with us . . .

We are asking all that will to stand with us in a petition before our Father. We need another camper onsite, one that will reasonably accommodate at least four adults, totally self-contained, one that can be used immediately for emergency and temporary housing. Someone in The Body of Messiah has a unit to donate or funds to put towards that end. We ask You Father to put the pieces together to meet this need. B’Shem Yeshua – Amen . . . Thank you . . .

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‘Let’s Talk about Paul’ 05 19 16

This week, in part 1, we discuss, in some very general terms, the alleged anti-Torah, anti-semitic bias in the writings of Saul of Tarsus, also known as the Apostle Paul. Just the event page began a firestorm of debate. Paul is hotter than we thought. Lord willing, next week we will attempt to examine more closely, some of those questions and concerns. If YOU have issues or questions concerning Paul, let us hear from you this week.

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