Blood is thicker than . . .

17 Nov

As we watch things unfold in the Middle East between Israel and her ‘neighbors’, always keep two things in mind. One, that we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, understanding that true peace will not come until the Prince of Peace returns. And two, there is a ‘family tie’ between these that stand against Israel. The Palestinians of today are the Philistines of the days of Abraham and King David. The word ‘philistine’ means ‘immigrant’ and they are descendants of Ham through Mitzrayim ( Egypt ) . The statement has been made that Morsi of Egypt is in a dilemma, torn between his empathy for Hamas ( violence ) and his financial connection to the U.S. ( which is a spiritual picture of Egypt in the last days with a healthy dash of Babylon thrown in ) . But in the end, blood is thicker than the ink on the money and Egypt will side with the rest of her ‘family’. But that too will pass, for in the end there is a goodly connection between Israel and Egypt and Syria. But not so good for Babylon.  How so ? How do I know ? The bible tells me so . . . more to come . . .

Blessings and Shalom  B’Shem Yeshua —

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