Sukkot Shirts Update

If you are interested in a shirt or shirts, the printer has informed me it would be ideal if we could have your order before noon, Monday Sept 18th to ensure they arrive on time. If you have sent us you order, we’re good. If you haven’t sent us your order, please try to do that online before Monday. Shirts are $8.95 for one, and $7.95 for two or more. Available sizes run from Youth Small up to Adult 5X. There is an additional $1 charge for each size larger than XL. (2X-add $1, 3X-add $2, etc). There will be a very limited number available at Sukkot for those that haven’t ordered in advance so please, don’t miss out. You can mail a check or pay when you pick them up. We just need your order now, please.

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WTWS Kosher or ‘Clean and Unclean’? Pt 2

We were impressed to post this again . . . someone somewhere needs to hear this. Shalom


WTWS Kosher or ‘Clean and Unclean’ Pt 1?

We have been impressed to post this again . . . there is someone that needs to hear this . . . Pt 2 will be posted tomorrow . . . Shalom



Yom Teruah Update

the Yom Teruah meeting will include a potluck fellowship time . . . finger sandwiches, snacks, dips and chips, drinks, whatever you like and extra to share . . . and be sure and bring your horn . . . Shalom

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Feast of Trumpets

YOM TERUAH – FEAST OF TRUMPETS – DAY OF THE BLAST (High Sabbath) . . . IF there are enough interested in gathering together, we will reserve the meeting room in Stanford for that Wednesday evening, Sept 20th, 7:00pm for a time of fellowship and worship as we usher in the Fall Holy Days that point to the return of Messiah Yeshua.
Please contact us ASAP either here,
or by email ( )
and let us know ‘yea’ or ‘nay’. Shalom – J&R

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What Does The Bible Say


Testimony Time

Join us for a time of personal testimony.

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