Gifts to Mankind Pt 3

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Tentative Passover Gathering Date

As it stands currently, the projected tentative date for our Passover Gathering is the evening of April 29th, 2018. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. There will be more information and details forthcoming soon. Shalom


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WTWS Gifts to Mankind Pt 2

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Our Latest Radio Teaching

This is Part 1 of our latest teaching series. We are excited about our affiliation with Lamb Messianic Radio. You can listen in Wednesday evenings, 9:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 PM Central or find them here and on our Youtube channel ‘TheProdigal101‘. Shalom


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Upcoming Event . . .

A reminder of an upcoming event . . . We have the privilege of hosting our good friend Dr. Charles Carrin of Charles Carrin Ministries for a series of meetings June 1-3. There will be meetings friday evening, saturday, and sunday morning and evening. Among other topics, he will be speaking on and ministry in the power, reality and necessity of the Holy Spirit in the daily life and walk of every believer. More details will be forthcoming in the upcoming weeks. What Abba has given this brother to share can transform your life. You do not want to miss these meetings. Shalom

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the passing of a brother . . .

Ron Houtz, a friend and Spiritual brother, passed from this physical life yesterday after a long battle with cancer. He is the physical brother of a long-time and dear friend and brother, Frank Houtz. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers during these difficult days. As we receive information concerning memorial and burial arrangements, we will pass it along. Blessings – J&R

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Holy Day Projected Dates 2018


Below, you will find our projections for the days/dates of the Holy Days observances for the calendar year 2018. We realize our projections are not necessarily in alignment with the generally recognized and accepted Jewish/Orthodox calendar for the upcoming year. We base our projections, as we have done for many years now, on our understanding of The Word itself with as little influence as possible from man-made traditions. If you have legitimate, sincere questions concerning our projected dates, we will gladly entertain them and respond as best we can. Shalom


Day 1, 1st Month               April 16 2018 (begins the evening of the 15th)

Passover (14th day)           April 29 (begins the evening of the 28th)

Unleavened Bread            April 30 – May 6 (begins the evening of the 29th)

Shavuot/Pentecost          June 17 (begins the evening of the 16th)

Yom Teruah                       Oct 9 (begins the evening of the 8th)

Yom Kippur                        Oct 18 (begins the evening of the 17th)

Sukkot                                 Oct 23 – 29 (begins the evening of the 22nd)

The 8th Assembly               Oct 30 (begins the evening of the 29th)


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