Words, Dreams and Visions

Due to our involvement on and with ‘Social Media’, this page has not been updated in some time, although we have posted more recent ‘words, dreams and visions’ on our Facebook pages.
We will be updating this page to reflect that more recent information, so please check back. Shalom & Blessings

February 7, 2014

A Dream . . .

     This is a dream I received about 5 years ago. I was standing looking at rolling hills with green grass and green, leafy trees. It was extremely vivid and real, as if I was actually there. I sensed the trees were not in full foliage, perhaps in the spring of the year, but not for sure. I remember trying to figure out my location, “ where am I, where is this’, trying to get my bearings. And then I heard the words ‘Great snow storm’, and the dream ended.

     This year, every time we received winter weather or snow, this dream comes to mind in ways it has not in the years since I received it. I feel it is time to share this. We are not setting dates or times but feel impressed to share this dream at this time. – Rhonda

January 5, 2014

      “Righteous Judgement”

      Yesterday, during our worship time, at our gathering for Shabbat I heard the Lord speak these words to me…..

   “My righteous judgements are blowing across the land”.                       

I find it interesting that out of all the songs we sang that day He chose to speak these words while we were worshiping to Kadosh (Holy) by Paul Wilbur. For He IS Holy and His judgements ARE executed in all righteousness.   

We pray that a spirit of repentance will fall upon this nation and as His judgements come they will be tempered with His mercy…..

     Blessings, Rhonda


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