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  November 19, 2014   This was sent to us by a good friend in the Lord. We post it here with his permission.
“Jerry & Rhonda – When you speak of the “spirit of the man of lawlessness,” that touches on something that helps me to better identify a figure in some dreams that our Father gave me several years ago. This dream helped me personally to see how our Father sees and what He feels about the mixture of the profane with the Holy within church traditions.

If I may I would like to share one of the dreams here. I was in a typical meeting but rather than being seated in chairs we were lined up and seated with our backs to the walls, looking into the center of the room. An entourage of men entered, one being the chosen leader took his place in the center and began to talk. He noticed a young woman who was new to the meeting and motioned for her to come to him. She arose and complied. I became alarmed when I realized that he “wanted” her. She seemed to successfully resist his attempts to control her and so he resorted to plan B and motioned to a couple of men in his entourage to come and take her, which they did, to a private room while the man continued to talk to the group. A few minutes later they return her to him in the center of the room. She now appeared weakened, rendering her to be much more submissive to his control. To all our alarm and disgust he “violated” her right then and there. After he was done he began talking to the group once more as if nothing had changed. The woman now broken and disheveled crawled over and slid her back against the wall right beside me! She slowly and weakly looked over into my eyes and I spoke in a embarrassingly weak whisper saying, “I am so sorry!!” A loud voice spoke from above and said, “IF YOU DO NOT OBJECT TO THIS VIOLATION THEN YOU ARE GUILTY AS OF YOU COMMITTED THE ACT!!!

The rebellion against the ways of YHWH is from all sides and with all means of persuasion. It is meant to beat us down and make us submissive and accepting. Never be silenced. Never stop speaking the Biblical truths in love He has shown us for the sake of the potential Bride of Messiah.”  Michael Rice 

     APRIL 11, 2014   This was posted on ” The Elijah’s List “. It was encouraging for us, since we are part of the generation spoken of.
Nellie Balandowich:

Nellie Balandowich” When I woke up on the morning April 6, 2014, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me, and I heard Him say the generation that was born before the 1960s is arising…many in that generation who have been asleep or lulled are now awakening to new dreams, visions, and invitations from the Spirit of God!

“This generation has been lulled into mediocrity, and I am breathing My ruach breath on them and bringing them back to life. When the world tells them they are to wind down, ha! I laugh, because I am sending a sound, a frequency, that is awakening them to dreams being born.

“I am awakening a knowledge and a persistence to forge forward and to think further than their natural mind has taken them. There is a knowing being released that with Me all things are possible! This generation is arising to understand and delight in the fear of the Lord and walk in the knowledge and counsel of My Spirit. There is a renewal coming to a generation that thought they were forgotten.

“I say rise up, oh sleeper. Rise up to a new day for you – a new fervency, a new direction. I will restore, and I will refresh, and I will anoint you to dream again; and to not only dream but to live out those dreams. I am the One who empowers you, and I will teach you the way to go and how to get there. It is not the time to give up. It is not the time to say it is over, for I tell you it is just beginning.

Waves of God's Glory by Jennifer Page“Hear the sound of horse hooves. They are coming your way. There is a gathering of a generation that thought it was over, and I am calling you to RISE UP! I am unleashing a renewing of youth, and strength, and purpose, and intent for all who are willing to say, ‘YES.’

“Your greatest hour is ahead, and together we are going to partner to bring forth My Bride. All parts of the Body are required. The world has said ‘Retire, wind down’; others said, ‘You’ve lived your life,’ or, ‘You cannot offer anything,’ but I say ‘NO!’

“You are to awaken to Kingdom purposes and protocol. I am birthing something new in you, and I will not allow a generation to fall asleep, for you were born for such a time as this! For such a time as this you will come forth and you will awaken, and the glory of the latter house will be much greater than the glory of the former house!

“Can you hear the sound? The awakening of a supernatural generation has begun,” says the Spirit of God! “It is the sound of RESURGENCE, supernatural resurgence. It has been released! I am calling forth a generation to finish well!” ”      Nellie Balandowich


Submitted to us by our friend ‘Charlene’ . . . she received this 3-31-2014

” I saw 2 black ticks crawling side by side on the back of a mans light blue shirt.  They were in the fold of the material.  But they were visible.  A few minutes later I heard a phone ringing.  After this I heard a portion of the song “He Is Risen”.

Explanation:  I felt like the 2 ticks were armies from the evil one himself.  Blood suckers, thirsty for blood, to seek, kill and destroy.  The blood is the life, so their goal is to kill.  They were marching side by side in agreement and coming from behind, unawares perhaps, or the blind side.
The phone ringing was awakening to this message that I have received
The song again also has a message.  I didn’t hear the whole song, only this portion of it.
Christ is risen from the dead
Trampling over death by death
Come awake, come awake
Come and rise up from the grave
Christ is risen from the dead
We are one with him again
Come awake, Come awake
Come and rise up from the grave
Oh Death! where is your sting?
Oh hell! Where is your victory?
Oh Church! Come stand in the light
The glory of God has defeated the night.
It seems that I am getting these things more frequently and sense things are moving quickly.  I guess we will see.  Maybe this also has something to do with the season we are living in considering the passover and the blood red moon coming in a couple of weeks.
God bless and keep you.
Charlene “

February 7, 2014

A Dream . . .

     This is a dream I received about 5 years ago. I was standing looking at rolling hills with green grass and green, leafy trees. It was extremely vivid and real, as if I was actually there. I sensed the trees were not in full foliage, perhaps in the spring of the year, but not for sure. I remember trying to figure out my location, “ where am I, where is this’, trying to get my bearings. And then I heard the words ‘Great snow storm’, and the dream ended.

     This year, every time we received winter weather or snow, this dream comes to mind in ways it has not in the years since I received it. I feel it is time to share this. We are not setting dates or times but feel impressed to share this dream at this time. – Rhonda

January 5, 2014

      “Righteous Judgement”

      Yesterday, during our worship time, at our gathering for Shabbat I heard the Lord speak these words to me…..

   “My righteous judgements are blowing across the land”.                       

I find it interesting that out of all the songs we sang that day He chose to speak these words while we were worshiping to Kadosh (Holy) by Paul Wilbur. For He IS Holy and His judgements ARE executed in all righteousness.   

We pray that a spirit of repentance will fall upon this nation and as His judgements come they will be tempered with His mercy…..

     Blessings, Rhonda

January 22, 2014

This was sent to us from a friend in the Lord. She felt like she needed to share these dreams with us and with all that will listen (Shema). Please pray and seek the Father on what he would have you and your family do concerning these…..Blessings – Rhonda & Jerry
     January 1, 2014 : In my dream I was in a bank and had a check in my hand. The check was in the amount of $14.01. I felt that this money was owed to me and I was going to sign the check. (The check was on someone else’s account. All that was written on the check was the amount it was for) I can’t remember the first name that was on the check but can see me writing the last name — was not used to signing such a long last name so had to “scrunch” it on the signature line. The name was BRANDENBURG. Handed the check to the teller and the teller put it into my account. Dream changed: I was back home and feeling very convicted for doing what I did and how could I get the check taken out of my checking account. dream ended.
 Prayed that Father would give me the interpretation. At first the only thing I felt that I was to do was look up the name Brandenburg on the computer. On the site that I found it said that the name is German and a royal line’s name; ”burg” means hill and branden (brandt) means burning. The actual meaning was written out like this: hill or land cleared for agricultural purposes by burning. I thought that was interesting but still did not know what the whole dream meant so kept praying. On January 14, 2014 I was lying in bed and praying for Father to show me what the dream meant. HE so graciously told me: In 2014 HE, Yehovah, will begin to CLEANSE HIS house by fire (burning). So I asked HIM why I was trying to get the check out of my account. The scripture that says “Yeshua asked that the cup could be passed from HIM,” came to mind. I felt that Abba was saying this symbolized we would be asking HIM to not have to go through the fire. Then I asked HIM how are we to pray. I felt that HE said, “Pray that you will be able to stand strong and not deny HIM when the fire comes as it says in Eph 6:10-18 (notice the dream was had on 1-1-’14 the amount of check was $14.01 the interpretation was given on 1-14-’14 Abba wants us to Pay Attention)
     Next dream:  January 15,2014 A woman came to me and asked me if I would make her a dress. She had a very small bag in her hand like a grocery bag with fabric in it. She said the fabric cost $14,000.00 The pieces of the pattern were already cut out of the fabric. I took the pieces out of the bag and was fitting the bodice piece over her bust line. The fabric was pretty and unlike any I had ever seen. It was multi colored predominately turquoise in a swirl pattern. Every where the fabric had been cut there was a selvage or finished edge where it would not ravel. (end of dream.)
When I awakened I was thinking about the dream and began to ask Abba to show me what HE was telling me. I felt that the fact that the fabric cost $14,000.00 meant that in 2014 we are going to have inflation hit in a BIG way. Hyper-inflation. The fact that I saw myself fitting the pattern to her bust line said to me that our food provision would be hit the HARDEST. The fact that the fabric had a selvage or finished edge everywhere it was cut showed me what little we may have will not run out or trickle away. The fact that the pattern was already cut out means that it is a ‘done deal’.
     Next dream: January 17, 2014 In the dream I was outside on our front porch. There had been some wind and the rug from in front of the door was moved so I picked it up to straighten it. I lad it down in front of the door, but it was not straight so I picked it up again and laid it down. It would not straighten out. It was scrunched up in an accordion fold and was only half the length as it should be.   I  heard ” 6 MONTHS.” ( I am not sure what the 6 months means; possibly that we have 6 months ? )
     Another dream: January 16, 2014: saw a sign like a bill board or perhaps the back of someone’s t-shirt. There were 3 lines:  FORGIVENESS
(this one needs no interpretation.)
March 14, 2014
      We received this from a good friend on March 11, 2014 and felt it should be shared . . . with our friend’s permission, of course . . . As always, take to our Father in prayer . . .
     “Well, I felt that I needed to share this.  Something was given to me one morning a couple of days ago.  I just this morning was given the explanation of it.  So I will share this with you.  I saw myself lying on the floor facing upward with someone by the name of Daniel lying on top of me also facing upward which made his back on my stomach.  This was all that I remembered.  I pondered this and felt perhaps this Daniel was the Daniel in scripture but was waiting upon the Lord for an explanation.  This morning was given “LOOK UP’, THE TIME SPOKEN OF IN DANIEL IS UPON US’  .  It made perfect sense.
A lot is in Daniel speaking of the times of the end.  But it has been brought to my attention Dan. 9:27, Dan. 11:21 and Dan. 12 as well.
April l5, 2014 is the lst blood moon which may be about Israel.  Perhaps an alarm
May 2014 is the Pope’s visit to Israel
Daniel speaks of a covenant with Israel for l week
It will be a time of great trouble
Also speaks of the King of the north and the south
A lot is in here.
Also remember the words LOOK UP.  The king is coming, maybe pretty soon
Marantha”   Charlene


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