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Reminder – Joel Sanchez in KY Dec 10th

Below is the link for this upcoming event you do not want to miss . . .

We are privileged and excited to host Bro. Joel Sanchez of Crucified Life Ministries on Saturday December 10th at 1:00pm EST. the meeting will be held at the Ball Room of 1st Southern National Bank, 2nd Floor above the BlueBird Cafe, downtown Stanford, parking and entrance at the rear of the building,located at the corner of Main Street and Depot Street; NO STAIRS, and easy access. There is additional parking in the parking garage as well as street parking. There will be a time of praise and worship, followed by Bro. Joel speaking on the topic ‘Purpose – Walking out your Calling’.
The aftermoon will conclude with a Potluck fellowship time. We ask everyone to bring an entree and either side-dish or dessert. Please make sure all dishes are ‘biblically clean’, and if you are unsure as to what that entails, just contact us by email, PM or phone. We will receive a free-will offering to offset expenses and support Bro. Joel and his family in their mission, outreach and discipleship work there in Costa Rica.
The meeting time and location on Sunday Dec 11th is TBA.
Please share this with your friends, family and contacts and as always, PLEASE RSVP so we can make adequate accommodations for all. Shalom

hosted by Prodigal Ministries International

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Where The Gospel Began . . .

Sharing The Gospel where The Gospel began . . .



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Israeli Response to Anti-Missionary Groups

The link below was sent to us by dear friends in Mississippi and is a ‘Must See’. Thank you, T&R. Now here’s a group and work that every HR/Messianic believer should be able to get behind . . . These believers put their lively-hoods, lives and citizenship on the line. I guess nobody has told them it’s disrespectful to witness to Jews about the King of the Jews . . . 🙂

Shabbat Shalom

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WTWS Discussion on Current Events and then ‘Sabbath’ 11 10 16

To begin, Rhonda and I take a little time to discuss some of the implications of the recent electoral events and then, we begin a look at Scripture and examine just what does The Word say about ‘sabbath’ as a fundamental aspect of the faith walk of all believers, an examination of a Godly principle that has existed since ‘The beginning’, that we will conclude next week in Part 2 . . . . no tradition, just The Word. Shalom

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Obedience or Relationship?

 Obedience or relationship? As we begin a new cycle of teachings and discussions, we take this opportunity to share some very important foundational truths for the observance of our Father’s guidelines. Our Father desires relationship rather than just obligatory obedience . . . and certain Biblical fundamentals are non-negotiable, or at least should be . . .
Shalom – J&R


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Guest Speaker Announcement

We know it’s kind of impromptu and last-minute, but we are planning to host a friend and fellow-laborer, Joel Sanchez of Crucified Life Ministries of Costa Rica, on December 10th and 11th here in the Crab Orchard – Danville, KY area.( times and locations TBA) He will be sharing about their mission,outreach and discipleship work there in-country as well as the topic ‘Purpose – Walking out Your Calling’.

Please share this on other sites and pages. We urgently need an RSVP in order to make appropriate accommodations for the meeting places. There will be a free-will offering received to cover his travel expenses and support the work there.

Remember – we need your RSVP asap . . . 🙂 Shalom –

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Happy Birthday !!

Happy, blessed birthday to my beautiful wife, 65 years young and the love of my life . . . and quite a looker, if I do say so . . . love you, babe . . .



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