Pray for Peace . . . continued . . .

04 Feb

So then, what is ‘Peace’ ? Well, when the Apostle Paul states “HE Himself (Yeshua) is our Peace” – Eph. 2:14 – he ( Paul ) is not speaking of a sense or time of calm, quiet and ‘warm & fuzzy’. He is making a reference to a Torah principle . . . the ‘Shelem’.

The ‘shelem’ is the ‘Peace Offering’. The first time we actually recognize it in Scripture it is as the ‘Passover Lamb’. Paul makes reference to the concept of the need for the ‘Shelem’ in his wording in Ephesians 2 when he speaks of a division between the nations and Israel . . . a division that was not meant to be. Israel was to be a light to the nations, to take Salvation to the ends of the earth. But a man-made division entered in.

But here’s the principle of ‘Shelem’.  Here’s the picture . . .you’ve got two individuals or entities that are separated. Something has caused a breach in the relationship. The ‘shelem’ is that which ‘heals the breach’ . . . It ( HE ) reconciles the two that are separated by standing in the gap, repairing the break and making the two become one again.  Romans 5:10 “For if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.”  Yeshua is our Peace – the Shelem – that which reconciles us to the Father, as well as to one another . ..   OK . . . got it.

So, what’s all that got to do with ‘breakin’ eggs to make the Peace Omelet.’   Well,remember the reference we made to the Prophets being the ‘peacemakers’ in Matthew 5 ?  In our next little snippet we will take a look at that thought and how ‘peace and division’ go hand in hand . . . until tomorrow – Shalom – Peace . . .

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