Excuse me while I RANT . . .

08 Feb

There is much spoken of in ‘teaching circles’ in regards to the comparison
between the ‘first & Second exodus’.  1 Cor 10:11 says we are to learn and benefit
from the example of the first. Yet Yeshua compares the ‘coming of the Son of Man’
to the ‘days of Noah and righteous Lot’ . There are many parallels we can see in
these two events . . . global vs regional judgement, among others. But one glaring observation is the difference in the degree of preparation ( or lack thereof ) for what was to come. Both survived . . . both by the Grace of God.  One did exactly as directed by Father  . . . the other ‘got out’ by the ‘skin of his teeth’ with the shirt on his back . . .and lost family in the process. One was preparing for others as well as for his family in addition to those that would come after. Lot wasn’t even prepared for himself, let alone his own family. One prepared for what was to come, under the leadership of the Spirit of God, and the other was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And when Lot was directed to ‘go to the hills’, he chose the city instead.
And we all know how that turned out. 

In the last two days we have read two articles reflecting on the concept of ‘getting off the grid’ and ‘going to a safe place’ and ‘hiding out with your beans, bullets and salt.’ These articles are telling us that you can’t be a ‘light’ and ‘hide’ or ‘head for the hills’ at the same time . . . that doing these things shows that you are focused on personal preservation and not focused on being ‘light and salt’.

So, what do you do with those believers that Abba has called to get a place ready for His people to have a safe refuge when the hard times come?
How do we speak to folks about the greatness of our God when we, as his
children, are standing at the back of the government bread line with our hands
stuck out like everybody else ?
     I recently heard a teaching that stated we can either be a servant or a survivor.
Is it not possible to be both ? What do you do with Noah or Joseph ?
What were they ? Servants or survivors ?  Shame on Noah . . . taking his beans and salt     ( and I’m sure he had a weapon or two ) and high-tailin’ it into that boat and hiding. He should have been standing out in the rain handing out rafts and tracts.  How dare him put back food and provisions in that boat for the animals and any people that might come. Didn’t anybody tell him that doing that showed a lack of faith ? But wait a minute . . . I forgot . . . Noah was doing exactly what GOD directed him to do. I wonder how a similar act would be perceived by the leadership of today ?  Remember – Yeshua said ” . . . as in the days of Noah . . .”  Do I sound angry ? Good . . . I am . . . I’m tired of being painted with that ‘broad brush’ that covers everyone that mentions ‘getting prepared’.

WE AGREE . . . there is no one safe geographical spot on the map that is ‘SAFE’. Not Costa Rica, not Australia, not New Zealand or Greenland . . . not even ISRAEL . . .unless our Father has sent you there. And that is the key. The ONLY safe place is in the Palm of His Hand, in the center of HIS will for you. He can make you invisible to the enemy in the middle of the battle or keep you safe in the middle of the wilderness. But only if that is where you are supposed to be.

Servants or survivors . . .Beans and bullets or Salt and Light . . . Is that the only options ? There IS a third category . . .
     There are those that Abba has called to prepare places of transition for the
‘birth pangs’ period until we get to go HOME . . . safe places, covered by the Father,
guarded by his angels, prepared for His people that will be led to these havens by HIs SPIRIT.
      These people have given of themselves, their resources, finances, blood, sweat, tears and prayers ( ALL provided by our loving Father ) to the doing of the work
of our Father. To lump these in with the ones that are ‘planning to take the country
back after the smoke clears and the dust settles’ is demeaning to the calling of the
LORD and hurtful to those that sh’ma this calling.
     You are correct. There IS a sifting coming . . . and in some places and respects  it is already here. The organized church is NOT, for the most part, dealing with this fact. And, as a rule, it is sorely lacking in the messianic / hebrew roots camp as well. When was the last time someone heard a teaching concerning the period of time that Satan will be given power to wear down the saints ? Are the sheep prepared for this time physically ?  Spiritually ? Emotionally ?
Sadly, for the most part, the answer is NO . . . And we, the leadership, will stand and
give an account for our failure to prepare the people for what is coming on the earth.
Father forgive us . . . B’shem Yeshua – Jerry


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  1. Mike Coffey

    February 10, 2013 at 11:34 pm

    Your words are an encouragement for my wife and I. We have been discouraged lately as some of our plans in preparation for what we can clearly see coming have not worked out exactly as planned (do they ever?). It seems that some of our Hebraic friends don’t relate to the things some are attempting to do and then after reading some of the things that have been said recently in ‘teaching circles’, as you say, we were beginning to wonder if we could possibly be on the wrong track. Could the direction we have felt we have been led be misguided? In spite of our better judgment, we asked ourselves, “Is it possible the Master is trying to tell us something?”

    We don’t want to isolate ourselves in a way that we can’t be a light, but it’s difficult for us to see how being a watchman on the wall and warning and making (passive) preparations for the coming onslaught of the enemy can be wrong. As you say, if we’re begging for bread and soup in the same lines with everybody else, I don’t see how our light will be shining so brightly in such a circumstance when we had no better wisdom than those in line with us. Will the big names who everybody knows be invited to join with someone who has prepared when it becomes necessary? But what about the everyday person who doesn’t have so many connections?

    I have a problem understanding how some who have been warning that difficult times are coming for years then ridicule those who would make preparation for those same hard times. It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like declaring that there is a terrible hurricane out in the Atlantic that is headed this way, but as it gets near, those who are boarding up their windows and stocking up on some food are ridiculed by the same people who gave the warning.

    Obviously, we must be prepared to walk away from everything when the call comes to go to the wilderness (whatever form it takes) and we will then probably depend solely on the Father’s direct provision, but how long will it be and how bad will things get before that call does come? I was giving out warnings before the crash of ’08 and was told I was being just like those Y2K alarmists. Then the crash came. Now I’m not being called a wild-eyed alarmist so much now that many have figured out that our nation is being systematically dismantled, but I still see very little preparation being done by many, even among some Messyantics, although I do know some who are trying.

    Anyway, thanks for the words of encouragement. None of us have it all figured out and who knows who will fall flat on their face, but I can’t help but believe that we will be better off if we make some preparations for the hard times that are obviously ahead.

    Mike Coffey


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