You’re not gonna believe . . .

01 Apr

You’re not gonna believe what happened today . . .

So Rhonda and I are keeping four of the grandkids (boys) for the weekend along with our granddaughter for part of the day today. Rhonda is trying to get everything done for today’s evening meal as well as the meals for tomorrow for us all, and all the normal stuff in prep for Sabbath. I am out running some last minute errands, picking last minute items from the ‘mark of the beast’ (better known as Walmart) and running behind the clock as usual.

For those that are familiar with the local area, I had been to the dry cleaners, coming back south and had stopped into Aldi’s for just a moment and was leaving there, heading south towards Wally World when, just as I turned out onto the main drag, there was a woman walking in the rain.

It was still drizzling somewhat from a pretty good downpour and the lady was putting down her umbrella. Along with wrestling with her bumbershoot, she was wagging a jacket, large carry-all bag and of course, a purse. I was a little reluctant to offer a lady a ride when it was just me in the van, but it was broad daylight and raining, so . . . As I slowed the van and asked her if she needed a ride, she inquired concerning where I was headed, and when she heard I was going in her direction, she readily accepted my offer and hopped into the van. I recognized her as a long-time employee of Walmart. She is about our age – mid 60’s – and she ‘was walking to work’. From that point to the store is a little over 2 miles. She had already walked over 1 ½ miles from her home to that point.

I asked her how often she had to walk to work. “Everyday,” she replied. “But sometimes folks stop and pick me up. God is good,” she continued. And for the next 2 miles, all she could talk about was the goodness of her God and her Jesus. “I used to be able to walk the whole 3 ½ miles in about 45 -50 minutes,” she said, “but now, for the last year or so, it takes me about an hour and 15 minutes. I guess I’m just getting a little slower as I get a little older” she declared. With a smile in her eyes and her voice, singing a little at times, wet and somewhat weary (I’m sure) from the walk thus far, all she could talk about was how good God is and about her Jesus.

As I shared with Rhonda concerning this dear lady and the brief experience, we were both ‘blown-away’, humbled and convicted. Her attitude was amazing. Her trust in Her Lord, tremendous. She trusted Him to provide a ride, and she trusts Him when there is no ride. She had opportunity to be depressed, having no car and walking to work, at her age and in this weather, and yet, she was filled with joy and peace and sharing Jesus as she/we went.

Here I was, fretting over ALL the things that we all too many times fret over, and here was a lady that, although having less than I in the physical and in spite of her apparent ‘lack’, exhibited to me exactly what I should always have – peace, calm, trust and joy. Rhonda and I have it difficult and challenging at times, as does everyone, some more than others. And in the midst of all that is difficult and challenging, that which pushes our envelope and our ‘buttons’, we have so much for which to be thankful.

Please bless this woman Father, and continue to minister to her needs, as you used her to speak and minister, to teach and to bless Rhonda and I today. Help us to always remember, folks are focused on us to see where our focus lies. Are we focused on our circumstances, or are we focused on the One Who raised the dead and can raise us above our circumstances ? Help us, as this woman displayed, to be the light and salt you have called us to be and to ‘occupy’ and proclaim openly, with Joy and Peace and conviction, without apology or reservation, the Good News of The Kingdom, as we await the return of The King. We ask it in the Name of Your Son . . . B’Shem Yeshua – Amen . . . Shabbat Shalom – J&R

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