Why do we teach this stuff ?

20 Mar

There are two words in the Hebrew pronounced ‘barak’, one being the word for ‘lightning’ and one the word for ‘blessing’. The one spelled with the equivalent ‘k’ hebrew letter is ‘blessing’ and the one with the equivalent ‘q’ hebrew letter is ‘lightning’. The word in Luke 10:18 would correspond to the Hebrew word for ‘lightning’ spelled with the equivalent ‘q’ sounding letter. Obama spells his name with a ‘K’. The equivalent to that in Hebrew would be the word ‘barak’ or ‘blessing’. Literally, Barak Obama’s name means he has the ‘blessing of the high place’.  If you remember, Obama showed the icons he carries in his pocket he received from differing religious groups around the world when they ‘prayed’ for him to be elected. They are idols from pagan ‘high places’ around the globe and he carries them . . . must be a coincidence . . . he’s not the anti-christ, but he is helping to lay the groundwork . . . AND Obama IS God’s ‘man for the hour’ . . . so what does that say concerning the ‘hour’ in which we find ourselves ?

In Revelation there are seven trumpets. In the pattern of the Feasts of the Lord there are ‘seven trumpets’, one trumpet being blown at the beginning of each of the seven months within that calendar of feasts. The seventh, or last trumpet if you will, is also the Feast of Trumpets and that which sounds the alarm and announces a great event. On the 10th day of this seventh month is the Day of Atonement. The Scripture describes a ‘great slaughter in Bozrah’ and a time when Messiah tramples the grapes outside the city. It speaks of His arrival on the Mount of Olives and requiring all the nations to come up for Sukkot – The Feast of Tabernacles – and He rules with a rod of iron from Jerusalem. The season of the return of Messiah Yeshua is the season of the fall feasts of our heavenly Father. To understand the times and events that surround us and those that are to come we must have a working understanding of the Torah, the commandments, the Sabbath and the Feasts of YHWH. This is one of the reasons Rhonda and I teach what we teach. Without the foundational understanding of these principles of our Father – an understanding that comes through obedience, observance and adherence – we cannot fully understand and recognize what is happening and what is coming. It’s like having a roadmap. Without an understanding of the legend and all the symbols on the map we cannot use to in the way it was intended. Without the foundational knowledge of the legend on the map, we cannot read the signs along the way and perhaps not even know what road we are on. In these days and times, to be walking through life without the ability to truly read the signs and understand them can put God’s people literally in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is a reason God admonishes us through His prophet Malachi to ‘remember the Torah of My servant Moses.’ And please remember, that passage is ‘endtime’ , the time in which we find ourselves.

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