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Purim & Passover 2014

If you haven’t already, please mark your calendars for these two upcoming events. Purim is coming up March 15th and Passover – Corban Pesach – is coming up April 15th. We will be giving more details concerning both in upcoming posts.

Some people ask  ” why Purim ? it’s not a commanded feast day.” And you know, their probably correct. So why do we celebrate this event ? To be candid, it helps us remember our new ‘national identity’. Once we are born again, we are part of God’s family, the group He calls ‘Israel’. So we celebrate certain ‘national holidays’ of our ‘new Homeland’ to aid us in our assimilation, if you will.

When a person begins the process of acquiring citizenship in the US, they must go through a lengthy ordeal of study and testing to finally complete the ‘naturalization process’. They are now as a natural, native-born. The Scriptures say once we enter the Kingdom at Passover we are as a ‘native-born’. We have become ‘naturalized’ and adopted in to Abba’s family and given the rights of the first-born. To help us adjust to this new-found family we celebrate some of their national holidays as we take hold of our new identity. Is it a commandment ?  No . . .  Is it sin if we don’t do it ?  No . . .  Is it sin if we do ?  No . . .  We are not ‘adding to or taking from’ Torah. We are simply taking hold of the heritage of the family into whom we have been adopted by ‘grace through faith’ . . .

Watch for more details on these two upcoming celebrations.  Shalom U’Vrachot – Peace & Blessings – J & R

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