Rowan County Confrontation Has National Implications

02 Sep

out-of-state instigators are NOT welcome . . . the Rowan County Sheriff should stop them at the county line and send their butts back where they came from !! I hope everyone understand the magnitude of what is happening here. If this federal judge is allowed to overturn an amendment to the KY Commonwealth Constitution, it will set ‘precedent law’ that can be used as a platform nationwide to promote this outrage. And many of those shown in the protest photos and videos are out-of-state students from the local Morehead State University campus, temporary residents of the city and county that should have NO say in local and state issues. If this ‘passes’ here, it is coming soon to a courthouse near you. PRAY and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD PUBLICLY TO YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. This woman IS doing here job by upholding the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the residents of which are the ones who both elected here AND voted to overwhelming support the ‘one man – one woman’ marriage protection amendment to our state constitution.


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