06 Jan

Time sensitive prayer needed for your nation and ours
January 6th 2014

Heather Butler Pastor of Prayer Ministries

Messiah Ministries

 Please continue to pray for the weather world wide, many are suffering, and don’t know where to turn, many have no hope. Please pray for those in the USA who are being hit by large very cold snow storms, an arctic vortex has slipped across the states only usually felt in Alaska. Temperatures are set to be -52 in one state, this is so cold that frostbite can take place within minutes. Please pray for the vulnerable, the elderly, those who have no home… this is treacherous weather, and we really care about the welfare of the people. Pray for the asthmatics and those who have weak chests.

Please also continue to pray for the flooding throughout the UK, the waves are higher than we have seen in many instances….Much is happening throughout the nations, and people are fearful, and in despair. Thank you so much for your hearts to pray, the nations need our prayers, when we cry out with one voice in accord with one another much can happen.

Many blessings Heather.

If you are suffering right now, with fear, concern, sickness, worry, if your home has been flooded, or your business, please let us pray for you, we want to hear from you…. blessings in Jesus


The year has started with unexpected things for many, some sick and ill, bad weather flooding and low temperatures, I have had so many emails from people who are stressed, and who need hope for the future.


We need your prayers more now than ever, I feel that there is more to come, I feel that something is about to happen, I cant explain what it is, except to say in my Spirit I feel a hightened attack against the nations to wear us down.  But, we are the children of God the light of the word, born to stand in the midst of the darkest of nights and declare that there is hope, that there is freedom from fear, that there is an answer to the cry of the heart.  I felt in the week to ask people to watch London, something big is on the horizon, that many are unaware of, that will become known soon.


The nations are reeling, and the Father is the only one who can bring us back from the brink, we must continue to cry out for those who need our help, to be a voice in the wilderness of their lives and situation.


Thank God for you as you dig in in prayer.


we bless you in Jesus name.




 Heather ButlePastor of Prayer Ministries

for Messiah Ministries

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