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06 Apr

At the order of our President, the US has launched surgical missile strikes on specific targets inside Syria. There is and will be support, speculation, disagreement, fear, panic and ‘cries for more’ concerning this action.
Whatever the truth maybe, we are in a time in history that has been prophesied, proclaimed and anticipated for centuries. What comes next? Only our Father knows for sure, but there are hints in His Word.
What should we do? Pray . . . pray for our leaders that they are hearing the counsel our Father wants them to hear, for ultimately, it is His agenda that must and will come to pass. Pray for the safety and salvation of the men and women in our military. Pray for wisdom and discernment concerning the events of today and the days and weeks to come. Pray for boldness, strength of character and peace within. Pray that God will guard our families, our children and our children’s children. Pray that we can be Light to those in darkness in these days. Pray for the wisdom and resources and opportunity to prepare in the ways our Father would have you prepare for those things coming on the earth. Pray that our Father would join us together with like-minded believers that understand the times, that understand the priorities, and that understand the inevitability of those things that must eventually come. And, when we have done all we can do, STAND . . . Stand and see the Salvation of our God.
Are you prepared? Are you prepared spiritually? Is Yeshua the Lord of your life? If not, He wants to be. Are you prepared physically? And you can only begin to be prepared emotionally and mentally if you are prepared spiritually and physically.
AND IF . . . If, on the timeline, we are where we perceive we might very well be, we are at a time of the beginning of those events spoken of by the prophets and Yeshua in The Revelation. If we have just stepped out of a Jubilee and entered into the next 7-year cycle, that cycle could very well be the 70th week of Daniel and the times and events spoken of by Yeshua in Matthew, Luke, the Book of the Revelation as well as by the prophets of old.
if this is another ‘birth pang’ in this Kingdom-birthing process, then thank your Heavenly Father that there is more time and then Pray and Do that which we have mentioned here. For the times spoken of WILL come. And, if ‘the times’ do not come upon us, then we have done these things for our children and our children’s children.
So, in the meantime, PRAY . . . pray as Yeshua prayed . . . ‘Father, if this cup can pass from us, let it pass. But if not, Your Will and not ours be done . . . and remember Yeshua’s Words when He said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you . . . I am with you until the end of the age’. Shalom –

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    April 6, 2017 at 11:48 pm

    Thank you for these words of wisdom, encouragement and prayer points.Love you all, shalom Sent using Hushma


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