Kosher or ‘Clean and Unclean’? part 2

27 Aug

This week we conclude the ‘KOSHER vs Clean and Unclean’ discussion, not in an effort to offend, but rather, to clarify and define Truth and tradition . . . hopefully this ‘good for food’ offering will be satisfying and filling . . . Shalom


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One response to “Kosher or ‘Clean and Unclean’? part 2

  1. Melody Robbins

    September 16, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    Good teaching. You allowed the Word to interpret itself. You have pointed to the Word and allowed
    it to do what it is meant to do: 2Timothy 3:16, All Scripture is God-inspired and useful for teaching,
    for reproof, restoration, for training in righteousness….
    Continue your calling to point to His Word, and HIs Spirit will open the eyes and hearts of those who
    are truly seeking Him and His Truth.

    Love and shalom


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