‘Kosher’ and ‘Clean’ . . . what’s the difference ?

08 Jun

‘Kosher’ is one of those terms like ‘eternal security’. Using either term evokes emotion and fervor kinda like throwing one bone out in the middle of a pack of hungry hounds. And most of us assume everyone else has the same interpretation or definition of a term as we do . . . but that ain’t necessarily so.
Kosher is a word that carries many meanings, depending on the group by which it is being used. The word itself – kashar in the Hebrew (kaf, sheen, raysh) – is defined as ‘proper or fitting’ and appears for the first time in Scripture in the book of Esther (8:5) and has to do with protocol in the presence of the King . . . now that’ll preach . . .
Although you could make a case for ‘eating according to Biblical directives’ is, by definition, ‘proper and fitting’ or ‘kosher’, that is not the normal usage of the word today nor is it the word used in Scripture to describe what to eat and what not to eat. The terms used in Scripture are ‘clean and unclean’ and the reason given? . . . ‘to be holy as I Am Holy, saith the Lord’.
‘Food’, by Biblical definition, is that which is ‘clean unto you’ and therefore is proper and fitting to eat. Here, the word ‘kosher’ would be appropriate. And the opposite is also true, that which is ‘unclean’ is NOT food and therefore is NOT to be eaten.
Rhonda and I, when asked if we eat ‘kosher’, reply in the negative, which catches some folks off guard. ‘So you DO eat pork’ they reply. And our answer? No . . . Now they are REALLY confused.
But we must remember ‘Kosher’ is a relative term depending on the perception, understanding and usage of the individual or group to whom you are relating. There are multiple ‘Kosher Certification Groups’, each tied to a different sect of Judaism and each with a differing interpretation. Some even allow the use of pork or pork by-products and, due to a manufacturing process (voila!), declare to be ‘Kosher’ that which the Bible says is ‘unclean’ and not to be consumed.
So what is ‘Kosher’? . . . Kosher is understanding proper protocol as we endeavor to come into the presence of and enjoy a relationship with Our King. And we cannot come into His presence if we are ‘unclean’. We are not commanded per-say to teach the people the difference between kosher and non-kosher for those terms are relative and subjective. We are commanded to ‘teach the people the difference between clean and unclean, between the Holy and the profane. These principles and concepts are NOT subject to interpretation but rather are clear, precise and plainly laid out in Scripture. We tend to complicate things . . . Abba does not . . . . Any questions ? Everything kosher ?  Shalom

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