How do we do this?

30 Mar

Rhonda and I have not posted as many ‘tidbits’ this year concerning Passover and this season as we have in the past, due to lot’s of change and ‘busy-ness’. We were thinking back about roughly 16 years ago when our Father first started us on this portion of our walk. (It’s always good to remember from whence we come) ‘How do we do this stuff? How do we keep Passover? We don’t have a ‘hagaddah’? What are we gonna do?” And then the Ruach reminded us . . . most all of us have a ‘hagaddah’ and have had it for years. It’s The Bible.
What did our Father tell us to do? Exodus 12 and Leviticus 23 is a good place to start. We canNOT do it all, but we do what we can. And by NOT doing some of the things that are ‘place-specific’ or ‘person-specific’, we are literally being obedient and ‘doing’ what it says by not doing them. By the way, Genesis 6 and the account of Noah is ‘Passover language’.
And then, we have the order of service laid out by Yeshua . . . The Lamb, The Bread, The Cup – ‘as oft as ye do these things’ . . .and the backdrop of bitterness – ‘ye do remember The Lord’s death until He returns . . .’ The day of His resurrection was/is an appointed time of God, and it’s called early first fruits or ‘Raysheet Omer – The Day of the Wave Offering. Nowhere is it called ‘easter’. There is no meaningful resurrection without His reconciling death (Passover). Many in Scripture were resurrected. The Resurrection is not to be diminished, but there is only One Who’s death reconciled us to our Father. We are to remember His death – Passover – a pattern which was implemented in Exodus 12, a type and shadow of what was to come, and ultimately fulfilled by Yeshua and found in Him only.
Your HaGaddah? Genesis 6, Leviticus 23, The Apostolic Writings, just to mention a few. And in all those passages, we have yet to find an egg, a bunny, a basket, apples and honey or a cup for a man whom, ‘if you can accept it, has already come’.

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