Discrimination or Personal Liberty . . . You decide . . .

02 Mar

The recent events in Arizona mirror on a larger scale what is happening in many places around the country, including small town life in central Ky. Well, here are some thoughts to ponder.

I grew up with the understanding, if so inclined, I can stand and swing my arm in a circle, as long as I do not come into contact with someone else’s circle. My circle is my personal space and I have the right to determine what takes place within my circle. I do NOT have the right to impose my circle on someone else nor can they impose their circle on me.  I also have the right to deny or refuse invitation into their circle. That is not discrimination  but my personal liberty.

So let’s say I am a baker and I own and operate a bakery. People from differing backgrounds and practices come into my private place of business and buy my goods. Perhaps some of these folks involve in practices that violate my personal core beliefs, but I have invited them into my private business and they have accepted that invitation.

One day, a couple that involves themselves in a lifestyle that violates my core personal belief accept my ‘invitation’ and come into my private business and invite me into their ‘circle’ by asking me to cater their event that involves a lifestyle practice which is contrary to my core beliefs. I exercise my inherent right to respectfully deny their invitation. They in turn begin the process to forcefully impose their ‘circle’ on me and the courts and system assist and insist on that imposition.

At what point were they discriminated against and at what point were my personal liberty rights violated ?

You decide    . . . ?

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