Believe it or not . . . He says what He says . . .

10 Jul

There is a youtube video and transcript that is spreading like wildfire dealing with the ‘truth’ concerning homosexuality and the teachings of the Bible on the matter.

I have read the transcript and I must say it is intriguing and engaging, and for those that might not be well grounded in the Word, it will be either confusing or misleading.

IF  you didn’t know any better, you would believe the young man’s conclusion that the Bible does NOT teach against homosexuality. The problem is, he is mistaken.

One of the sad aspects of this whole story is this young man spent ( wasted ) two years of his life trying to justify through human logic what the Scriptures teach plainly and succinctly to be unjustifiable and a sin . . . perhaps no more or less than any other ‘sin’, but yet, still ‘sin’.

His misuse and misapplication of Scripture causes the foundational support of his premise to be flawed and thereby his premise to be incorrect. He employs what I call a ‘buffet approach’ to the Word . . . taking helpings of those things that he ‘likes’ and leaving behind those things that doesn’t appeal to the ‘taste buds’ . . . you can do that with broccoli and asparagus, but NOT with the Scriptures.

I find it sadly curious that this young man was attending a United Methodist college. I do not know for sure what ‘church’ allowed him to put forth his treatise, but if I understand Scripture correctly, the pastor of that congregation will have the ‘blood of the people’ on his head.  Pray for him and for this young man.  So why did I mention the Methodist college ?

You know, the Bible warns against taking a stance against Israel. Our Father God  stated that HE would bless those who bless Israel and that HE would bring a curse ( arar – to curse ) on those that curse         ( qalal – to slight, esteem lightly or treat with contempt ) the nation of Israel.

 Below are archived articles and statements from the United Methodist Church hierarchy dating back to 2000 concerning the nation of Israel.

1.) Resolution 6074, “United Nations Resolutions on the Israel-Palestine Conflict.”,  was adopted by General Conference ( the UMC denomination’s highest policy-making body )  in 2000, then revised and readopted in 2008. It states, “The United Methodist Church calls upon Israel, the Palestinian National Authority, and all States to abide by and uphold U.N. resolutions, International Court of Justice rulings, and international law as the basis for just and lasting peace in Palestine/Israel.”

. . . the position of the ( UMC ) church is “clear:”

The denomination affirms the will of the international community, expressed through U.N. Security Council resolutions, the Fourth Geneva Convention and other international law instruments, in condemning the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian territory. The denomination opposes continued Israeli settlement building on occupied Palestinian territory. The church stands with the Palestinian Christian community, and supports Palestinian efforts towards economic and political self-determination.

2.) Rev. Sprecher, who led the social action agency petition at the 2004 UMC General Conference, recommended divestment from Caterpillar Inc. and charged that the company “profited from illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and contributes to the occupation by supplying the Israel Defense Forces with heavy equipment.”   Bloom’s article further cites Rev. Sprecher’s reminder of the Resolution 312 that the UMC passed in 2004 “opposing Israeli settlements in Palestinian land.”

3.) The UMC’s General Board on Global Mission Women produced a Mission Study for 2007-2008, endorsed by the national ( UMC ) church, which refers to Israel’s creation as “original sin,” and likens the birth of Israel to the Holocaust and Israeli practices to those of the Nazis.


And now the UMC is struggling ( whether they know it or not ) with homosexuality both in the pews and in the pulpit . . . gee, I wonder if there is a connection between standing against Israel and believing that which is false  . . . for he who touches Israel touches the apple of God’s eye . . . and HE will cause you great distress because of ‘sticking you finger in HIS eye’  . . . Zech 2:8

Of course, that’s if you actually believe what the Word says . . . do you ?




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  1. toGodbetheglory

    August 23, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Amen! Well said

    • prodigal101

      August 24, 2012 at 12:10 am

      Praise the Lord, for if anything ‘well said’ comes out of this donkey’s mouth, it has to be ABBA talkin’ . . . Blessings –


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