‘and He created it all male and female . . .’

22 Dec

‘. . . and He created it all male and female . . .’

Even before Father YHVH formed Adam and fashioned Eve, He had already created everything ‘male and female’. The creation summary account of Genesis 1 shows us, both in those things created and the words used to describe those creations, the existence of the concept of ‘male and female’.

For most of us, if truth be known, when we hear ‘male and female’, our thoughts immediately are that of something physical and even sexual or sensual. But when we begin to ponder the Scripture more deeply, we will hopefully more fully understand that the interaction between The Creator and the act of and description of creation is a mirror image of the deeply intimate yet spiritual relationship and interaction between our Father and His family.

Here is just a glimpse of some of the images of interaction between ‘male and female’, even before Adam and Eve took their first breath.
Gen. 1:1 – Heaven – male; Earth – female;

Gen 1:2 – Earth – female; Darkness – male; Spirit (Ruach) – female; Waters – male; (NO, we are NOT saying Holy Spirit is a girl . . .)

Gen. 1:3 – Darkness – male; Light – female.

Gen. 1:9 – Dry Land (yabasha) – female; waters (mayim) – male.

Gen. 1:11 – Earth – female; herbs, grass, fruit trees, etc – male.

Gen. 1:14-15 – Lights in the skies to give light – male; gives the light to the earth – female.

Gen, 1:16-17 – Sun, moon, stars – male; give light to the earth – female.

Gen. 1:18 – To divide the light (female) from the darkness (male).

Gen, 1:20-25 Both male and female creatures in the waters, in the sky and in the earth. Fowl – male; Sea dragons – male; Fish (dagah) and that which lives and moves (nephesh) – female; Creeping Thing – male; Cattle – female;

Gen. 1:26-27 – Adam and Eve, Man and Woman – male and female

In Hosea 2:21-22, YHVH (Who Is Deity – progenitor of both male and female) responds to the heavens (male) which responds to the earth (female) which responds to the grain, wine and oil (male).

The word translated as ‘responds’ in Hosea 2 is the Hebrew word ‘anah’, Strongs #6030. It means ‘to make an answer’, to respond to as a witness, to speak to in response’.

Picture in your mind the inner workings of a fine old clock. The clock is wound and set into motion by the Clockmaker, and each gear or cog or wheel responds properly and in precise order as ordained by clock’s original design.

So what’s the point to all this? Before the concept of ‘man and woman’ and our concept of ‘all things male and female’, physical and sexual, there was already and will always be a natural order put into place by The Creator, a natural interaction that goes beyond the human concept of gender and physicality; an ordained order of interaction of things that is proper and fitting, like the precise workings of a fine timepiece, flowing together effortlessly and flawlessly, one piece responding properly and in order to the other, put into motion by the Hand of the Master Craftsman, YHVH our Father and Creator.

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