22 Jan
This was sent to us from a friend in the Lord. She felt like she needed to share these dreams with us and with all that will listen (Shema). Please pray and seek the Father on what he would have you and your family do concerning these…..Blessings – Rhonda & Jerry
     January 1, 2014 : In my dream I was in a bank and had a check in my hand. The check was in the amount of $14.01. I felt that this money was owed to me and I was going to sign the check. (The check was on someone else’s account. All that was written on the check was the amount it was for) I can’t remember the first name that was on the check but can see me writing the last name — was not used to signing such a long last name so had to “scrunch” it on the signature line. The name was BRANDENBURG. Handed the check to the teller and the teller put it into my account. Dream changed: I was back home and feeling very convicted for doing what I did and how could I get the check taken out of my checking account. dream ended.
 Prayed that Father would give me the interpretation. At first the only thing I felt that I was to do was look up the name Brandenburg on the computer. On the site that I found it said that the name is German and a royal line’s name; “burg” means hill and branden (brandt) means burning. The actual meaning was written out like this: hill or land cleared for agricultural purposes by burning. I thought that was interesting but still did not know what the whole dream meant so kept praying. On January 14, 2014 I was lying in bed and praying for Father to show me what the dream meant. HE so graciously told me: In 2014 HE, Yehovah, will begin to CLEANSE HIS house by fire (burning). So I asked HIM why I was trying to get the check out of my account. The scripture that says “Yeshua asked that the cup could be passed from HIM,” came to mind. I felt that Abba was saying this symbolized we would be asking HIM to not have to go through the fire. Then I asked HIM how are we to pray. I felt that HE said, “Pray that you will be able to stand strong and not deny HIM when the fire comes as it says in Eph 6:10-18 (notice the dream was had on 1-1-’14 the amount of check was $14.01 the interpretation was given on 1-14-’14 Abba wants us to Pay Attention)
     Next dream:  January 15,2014 A woman came to me and asked me if I would make her a dress. She had a very small bag in her hand like a grocery bag with fabric in it. She said the fabric cost $14,000.00 The pieces of the pattern were already cut out of the fabric. I took the pieces out of the bag and was fitting the bodice piece over her bust line. The fabric was pretty and unlike any I had ever seen. It was multi colored predominately turquoise in a swirl pattern. Every where the fabric had been cut there was a selvage or finished edge where it would not ravel. (end of dream.)
When I awakened I was thinking about the dream and began to ask Abba to show me what HE was telling me. I felt that the fact that the fabric cost $14,000.00 meant that in 2014 we are going to have inflation hit in a BIG way. Hyper-inflation. The fact that I saw myself fitting the pattern to her bust line said to me that our food provision would be hit the HARDEST. The fact that the fabric had a selvage or finished edge everywhere it was cut showed me what little we may have will not run out or trickle away. The fact that the pattern was already cut out means that it is a ‘done deal’.
     Next dream: January 17, 2014 In the dream I was outside on our front porch. There had been some wind and the rug from in front of the door was moved so I picked it up to straighten it. I lad it down in front of the door, but it was not straight so I picked it up again and laid it down. It would not straighten out. It was scrunched up in an accordion fold and was only half the length as it should be.   I  heard ” 6 MONTHS.” ( I am not sure what the 6 months means; possibly that we have 6 months ? )
     Another dream: January 16, 2014: saw a sign like a bill board or perhaps the back of someone’s t-shirt. There were 3 lines:  FORGIVENESS
(this one needs no interpretation.)


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