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25 Sep

The Calendar . . . Most calendars projected September 24-25 as Feast of Trumpets this year. Many have planned time off from work and family or group activities with these dates in mind. We are aware of the sightings or lack thereof from Israel and how it may be affecting alot of folks’ plans. First, we always encourage and endeavor to walk according to the Scriptural directives as much as we possibly can, understanding we are still in dispersion and life in the ‘diaspora’ is not always geared towards allowing us free reign in our observances. Also, we do not base our gatherings on the sightings in Israel, not that there is anything wrong with using that basis. But we live in Kentucky. And if it were not for internet and instant news access, we would not know of the sightings in The Land until they were ‘come and gone’. We endeavor to use sightings for where we live, for that is where we observe, walk and teach until the time comes we get to be in the Land. The first new moon sliver in KY was 7:13 AM thursday morning Sept 25th. So observing Yom Teruah today ( thursday) either placed us 12 hours early or 12 hours late . . . For those interested or involved, we will not, at this point, change our dates of observance for Yom Kippur or Sukkot. We are sure there are those that will have issues with our decision. Just remember, we ARE still ‘in the nations’ and many are bound by the inflexibility of our societal set-up. For those that CAN make last minute adjustments, praise the Lord, you are blessed. For those that cannot, grace and ‘no condemnation’ are in order. May this be a festive season, and not a fussy one . . . shalom –

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