Yeshua is Aleph and Tav

20 Mar

The quote below is a portion of a post from another site that appeared in our news feed this morning. The passage of Scripture referenced below, regardless of language, says what it has always said and points to Messiah Yeshua, the perfect image of The Invisible Elohim, the inseparable Word that was in the beginning, The Word that was with God and was/is Elohim, The One who came and will return to finish what was started. The quote below denounces the validity of Yeshua as the Promised Messiah. The sad reality of this post? This dear man can read the truth and still deny The One Who is The Truth. Please pray this dear man’s eyes will be opened to The Truth, his soul to be saved, and for spiritual discernment within our camp. Shalom

“This is one of the most exciting things I have ever discovered! It is a a Hebrew manuscript of the Book of Revelation in the British Library. I read about this 13 years ago, but was never able to see it for myself until now (thanks to T-bone). The passage in the photo is Revelations 1:8, which says in this Hebrew manuscript:

“I am the Aleph and the Tav, says Yehovah the Elohim. He that is, and He that will be, and He that will come, the Shaddai.”

Would you join me in shouting!

The manuscript is dated to the 17th century, but may have been copied from an earlier source. It is now published online at:…



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    Shalom!! Thanks for this post. When I clicked on the link, a page came up that read, “this page does not exist”. ??Did the page come up for you? Sent using Hushma


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