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17 Dec

Words . . . combinations of letters that are used to convey meaning, emotion, direction, instruction, correction, and hopefully culminate in true communication. Words are words. Words are not pagan. Words can be used to promote pagan or idolatrous or cultic, unclean and unholy concepts, and, at the same time, some of these same words can be used to promote that which is good and proper and clean and holy.
‘Shekinah’ is a word. ‘Shekinah’ is a word used by many to convey the idea of the divine presence of God Almighty. Although this is a legitimate Hebrew word, the word itself does not appear in the Hebrew Bible. It comes from the same root as many words that do appear in the Hebrew Text. The Mishkan, the Hebrew word for the ‘Tabernacle of Moses’ comes from this same root. We see this root again in 1 Chronicles 24 and 2 Chronicles 31 in the name ‘Shecaniah’ (ShecinYah) which means’ dwells with Yah’. It is the word used in Exodus 40:35 where it says the cloud (anan) settled (shakan) on the tent of meeting and the Glory (kavod) of God filled the tabernacle (mishkan). We actually see in Psalm 94 and Psalm 120, a word from this same root that is very close to the English transliterated ‘shekinah’. It is the word ‘shakanah’ (sheen, kaf, nun, hey). This same root word is used in this same manner in many other passages in the Tanach (Old Testament), showing not only the dwelling or presence of man but also the dwelling, abiding, residing presence of The Spirit of God in the Land and among His people. The root word is ‘shakan’, (sheen, kaf, nun) which means ‘to dwell or reside or abide’.
So what about this word ‘shekinah’? The first place it is believed to have been used is in The Targum and early Judaic writings, after the period of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Although almost a THOUSAND years later this word began to be connected to aspects of Jewish Mysticism, in the earlier writings and usages it would be recognized as comparable to the concept in more modern ‘christianity’ as the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, the divine presence of God Almighty. Yes, there are those in cultic, occultic and pagan ‘religions’ who have taken this word and applied it to aspects of ‘divinity’ that are very much in opposition to the True Word of God. But is that not what the enemy of our souls does? Is He not the original counterfeiter and liar? Does he not take the Word of God and twist it, distort it and use it to his advantage and to our demise, doing everything he can to deprive us of what our Father YHVH has for us?
Our Abba created Light. The enemy has taken light and perverted it. Should we therefore sit in the dark? Our Father created music. The enemy has taken music and perverted it. Should we therefore close our ears to the beauty of these sounds our Father has given? YHVH has given us the beauty of all His creation. The enemy has taken that creation and prompted man to worship the creation rather than the Creator? Should we therefore close our eyes to the beauty our Father has given us? God Almighty has given us His Word. The enemy has taken that word and perverted and twisted and used it in half-truths to our detriment. Should we therefore avoid aspects and passages of The Word our Father YHVH has given us so as to supposedly not be pagan or occultic and ultimately deprive ourselves of the full counsel of God ?
Words are words. YHWH, Yahweh, Yehovah, Jesus, Christ, Cross, church, these are all words . . . words to which some in our camp have assigned paganistic, cultic and ‘evil’ meanings. Words are words. Shekinah is a word . . . use the word . . . don’t use the word . . . but know why you do what you do, and that what you do is not to be based merely on what others have said. Be a Berean. Shalom

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