White House snubs Israel . . . again.

12 Sep

White House Rejects Meeting With Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, speaking at a press conference with the  Bulgarian Prime Minister stated that “those in the international community who refuse to place red lines before Iran have no moral right to place a red line before Israel. If Iran knows that there are no red lines or deadlines, what will it do? Exactly what it does today – continuing to work to acquire a nuclear weapon without any interference. The world tells Israel to wait because there is time, and I ask, ‘Wait for what?’

This comes on the heels of statements by Hillary Clinton and our State Department that there would be NO ‘red lines’ placed in front of Iran at this point concerning their nuclear activities and that their is still plenty of time for negotiations to produce positive results in regard to Tehran. ??  I wonder what rock they’ve been hiding under ?

I’m sure it is just coincidental that following these statements by Netanyahu, Obama cancels a scheduled meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister.  Netanyahu is scheduled to speak at the UN around the time of Yom Kippur and just happens to be ‘on the program’ with Ahmadinejad .  ( Ahmed in jihad ? )  Hopefully you understand that the events of the last days will revolve around the Feasts of the Lord, which are a picture of the Gospel plan and the return of Messiah Yeshua.

This will be first time for the Israeli Prime Minister to be on US soil and NOT meet with the White House, but NOT the first time for Israel to be snubbed by this administration. Would somebody please remind Obama what the Bible says concerning ignoring or trifling with Israel  . . . ?

And then to top it all off, Muslim fundamentalists decide to burn down buildings and kill people because of a movie that portrays Mohammed in a negative light . . . ( you know, that prophet of Islam, the religion of love !? ) . If christians or jews ( or anyone else for matter ) took these kind of actions each time their GOD or prophet was maligned, there would not be any buildings or people left standing.  And what is the White House going to do about the killing of Ambassador Stevens and the others in the attack and burning of the consulate in Libya – probably nothing . . .  I mean, you wouldn’t want to offend anyone just before an election when you are running for president of the world . . . wait a minute . . . that’s not what he’s supposed to be running for . . . or is it . . .




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