What’s that Name again . . . ?

19 Apr

I just finished scanning a lengthy article about the ‘proper use and pronunciation of the proper name of GOD’, which also describes all the improper names and usages as well. . . and this was not from a messianic / hebrew roots /  restoration perspective but rather from a published teacher in mainline denominational circles . . . seems that this discussion is going on everywhere. 

Well, here’s our ‘two-cents’ worth . . . if you want change back, let me know. 🙂

Allow me to start out by telling you a story. Almost 40 years ago my Dad was killed in an accident. I was 19 and the oldest of three. The funeral was held at our little country baptist church. The building was packed. There were even folks standing outside. There were family and friends, co-workers, neighbors, over 300 people at this little church building . . . and everyone there knew my Dad’s name.

Some called him ‘Cecil’, some Mr. Tomlinson, and others ‘Cecil T.’.  Some called him brother, some called him uncle or cousin . . . and one called him ‘husband’.  . . but they all knew his name. But out of all the people that were there, there were only three people in the whole crowd that had the right, the privilege and the honor to call him ‘DAD’ . . .  my sister, my brother and me . . .Everyone there knew his name. Some had known him longer than I and still others actually knew more about him . . . but they couldn’t call him DAD . . .

Now think about this for a moment –  the demons and devils in hell know the exact name of our Heavenly Father. They know it, how to spell it, and how to pronounce it.  They actually, in some ways, know our Father better than we do. They were with HIM in the beginning and have seen HIM on a ‘bad day’ if you get my drift. But it does them no good. They cannot call Him ABBA . . .

At one time, oh say a couple thousand years ago, there were those that knew exactly how to pronounce the ‘memorial Name of GOD’. They are no longer with us. There are those today that have background in and training in the language, history and culture of Israel. The ones that are completely candid about the ‘Name’ will tell you that there are many possibilites and no ‘absolutes’ in relation to the pronunciation. So what are we to do ?  Well, going to the WORD is always a good option.  So what does the WORD tell us concerning this matter ?

Exodus 3:15 and Psalm 135:13 tells us that ‘YHVH’ is HIS memorial Name ( pray, and pick a pronunciation . . . ) . What else can we find in the WORD that might give direction in this matter ?  1 Peter 2:21 speaks of Yeshua being an example for us . . . and this implication is all through Scripture.  So, if Yeshua ( Jesus ) is our example, then how did HE pronounce ‘The Name’ ? He didn’t, as far as we know. What He DID articulate was the following : Father, our Father, thy Father, My Father , your Father, the Father, Father . . . are ya’ kinda beginning to see a pattern here ?

The devils in hell know His Name . . . but only those that are connected to HIM by Blood can call HIM Father. I can call HIM ‘ABBA’  because we are ‘blood-kin’, for I am related to the Father through the Blood of the Son . 

And remember the ‘NAME of the Father’ is more than just we we call him. But that too, is another story.

Shalom U’Vrachot – Peace & Blessings –



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  1. Lisa

    April 21, 2012 at 1:41 am

    I enjoyed reading this, good word!


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