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10 Mar

Double-Speak . . . whatever it takes . . .


October 22, 1945: Senators Robert Wagner of New York and Robert Taft of Ohio introduce a resolution expressing support for a Jewish state in Palestine.

May 8, 1946: President Truman writes to Prime Minister Attlee, citing the report of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry, and expressing the hope that Britain would begin lifting the barriers to Jewish immigration to Palestine.

 October 4, 1946: On the eve of Yom Kippur, President Truman issues a statement indicating United States support for the creation of a “viable Jewish state.”

October 28, 1946: President Truman writes to King Saud of Saudi Arabia, informing the king that he believes “that a national home for the Jewish people should be established in Palestine.” 

March 18, 1948: President Truman meets with Chaim Weizmann, the president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine and the World Zionist Organization. Truman says he wishes to see justice done in Palestine without bloodshed, and that if the Jewish state were declared and the United Nations remained stalled in its attempt to establish a temporary trusteeship over Palestine, the United States would recognize the new state immediately.

May 14, 1948, 6 p.m. eastern standard time (12:00 midnight in Palestine): The British mandate for Palestine expires, and the state of Israel comes into being.

            The above are snippets from times past concerning our stance in regards to the nation of Israel. An implication in all of this is the recognition that Israel is in fact a nation and state of the global community.  The very fact that Israel exists today as a nation, and the support of that existence by various nations and leaders down through the past six decades is undeniable, and yet there are some that do not want to recognize the obvious – the nation of Israel exists.

            As early as 2007  the recognition of Israel as a state and nation has been required by Israeli leaders of those that would negotiate with them for ‘peace’.

The acceptance of the requirement by the US leadership has been accepted, at times passively if not actively. But in the past few months we have seen a departure from that stance, a departure that should cause grave concern for all Bible believers.

            The following three articles show an unbelievable change in the US position that has existed for years concerning the ‘acceptance of Israel’s right to exist’ and how that change has come about  in a startling 2-3 month period.


1.  Kerry Frustrated by PA Refusal to Recognize Israel as Jewish State

January 9, 2014 10:45


avatarJoshua Levitt

Secretary of State John Kerry with Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat (left) and Israeli negotiator Tzipi Livni (right) on July 30 in Washington, DC. Credit: State Department.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is getting frustrated by Palestinian Authority leaders who are refusing to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, creating the most significant philosophical hurdle in the peace talks, according to The Daily Telegraph on  Thursday, citing an unnamed PA official.

“The Americans have made it very clear that [recognition of Israel as a Jewish state] is their position . . .”

2.     Phillip Pasmanick | February 21, 2014

US Framework is Demanding of Abbas a PA Recognition of Israel as Jewish State

US Ambassador Dan Shapiro has reported that despite their open opposition, the PA must recognize Israel as the Jewish State under the American framework agreement.

By Tova Dvorin

    3.      U.S.: No Need for PA to Recognize Israel
by Elad Benari U.S.: No Need for PA to Recognize Israel

The United States believes there is no need for the Palestinian Authority (PA) to recognize Israel as a Jewish state as part of a peace agreement, State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Saturday.

Psaki, who spoke to the PA-based Arabic-language Al-Quds newspaper, said, “The American position is clear, Israel is a Jewish state. However, we do not see a need that both sides recognize this position as part of the final agreement.”

US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro declared Friday that the Palestinian Authority (PA) will be obligated to recognize Israel as a Jewish state under the US framework agreement – despite the PA’s ongoing defiance over the issue.

In a short 2 ½ month period we have seen our position as nation towards Israel change in ways that most of us never thought we would see. That tells us that everything is subject to change in these areas. Whatever it takes to achieve the final goal is what will be acceptable. The end WILL justify the means in the minds of those in charge. The Land WILL be divided, and El Elyon – God Most High – WILL deal with those responsible for the divide. I believe this Passover marks the beginning of a time of transition, a stepping-up and speeding up of that which  has been declared from of old.

These are the days when God’s people must stand up and be counted. In these days we cannot be timid. We must seek Abba for what He would have us be about in these days, for time is short to work the work. Pray for strength, for resolve, for legs to stand and ears to hear, for eyes to see and the words to speak. And remember always – God is faithful.

Shalom to you and yours in these days – J & R





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