What should we do ?

06 Nov

No division of Israel or Jerusalem . . . Solidarity . . . Support for Israel . . . These are all popular statements in today’s atmosphere, but are they all ‘Biblical’ ? We know this doesn’t sound ‘supportive’ and may not be very popular, so, BEFORE you run away, please understand we are avid, passionate supporters of the land of Israel and the Israeli people. We understand and teach the reality that the Land of Israel is the promised homeland, the ultimate destination and eternal habitation of every ‘born-again’ believer. We are to pray for the shalom of Jerusalem, to bless and be a blessing to the God and family of Abraham through Isaac to Jacob. So, if that is how we feel concerning the Land of Israel and the Israeli people, why do we have difficulty and feel challenged when asked to pray against the dividing of the Land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem ? GOD states through the prophets Joel and Zechariah the land will be divided and the nations will be judged accordingly. For us, to pray against the dividing of the Land is to literally pray against that which Abba has declared. We would that the Land would not be torn asunder, but God in His foreknowledge has said it. What we DO pray is that the US as a nation and a people would not be involved in the division of the Land of Israel. But that, too, doesn’t seem to be.

So what do we do ? As commanded, we pray for the shalom – the wholeness of Jerusalem, which will not exist until the Prince of Peace returns. As admonished, we bless the people and the Land and stand by and with them. It is God’s Land with which He has a covenant and we, as believers, are all part of the citizenship of Israel by the Blood of Messiah Yeshua. We pray for mercy, grace and deliverance for the ‘ten righteous in the city’, in Israel as well as this nation and all those that stand against His ways in these days. We pray we might be the light and salt in the place where we are until He returns. We will stand . . . we will pray . . . and when we’ve done all, we will see the Salvation of Israel. Shalom –

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