Well, here we go . . .but where ?

08 Nov

I am reminded of the passage in 1 Chronicles 21 where King David sinned greatly in the eyes of YHVH and GOD gave David a choice concerning the judgement against the nation for the sin. The choices ? three years of famine, three months in the hand of man or three days in the Hand of Abba. David chose to throw himself and his people into the hands and great mercies of his God.  Prior to King David, there was King Saul. Not a bad sort of guy . . . good looking, charismatic, even a little religious at times. But this was not the type of leadership and government intended by GOD for that people. But the people wanted a change. and GOD gave them exactly what they asked for.

Father GOD has been warning this nation about our sins against HIM for sometime. This is not a ‘thus sayeth the LORD’. But ever since the election this one thought keeps coming to my mind. Four years ago this nation had a choice as to how we would proceed as a nation based on our choice of a new leader. We believed then just as we believe now – judgement is inevitable for this nation. It is not that one leader rather than another would prevent judgement. But rather , our choice of leader would determine how the judgement would be meted out. Four years ago our nation chose a leader that promised ‘change’. At that point our country started down a road of ‘change’ that most could not have imagined and many would not have thought possible . . . not in America.
But here we are, four years later and, as a nation, have confirmed that choice by the re-election of that same choice. It is as if we had opportunity back then and we pulled the wrong lever and now we must live with our choice. My concern is that this ‘choice’ is the beginning of the end of this nation as we know it. You can only shed innocent blood for so long . . . you can only promote biblically abominable practices for so long . . . you can poke your finger in the eye of GOD for only so long . . . and then there is a price to pay. And I believe that we have entered the ‘payment phase’ . . . and it is not going to be pretty.  But we have some examples in Scripture that will actually give us hope ( expectancy ) and direction in these days. We will look at some of those in the next few days. The KEY will be  –  ‘to where do we look for our help’ . . . we must look to the LORD, maker of heaven and earth . . . and we will have a part to play and right decisions to make, just as in the days of Noah and righteous Lot.  For now, pray for mercy . . . wisdom . . . discernment . . . and pray the petition of Abraham . . . for by it GOD delivered the righteous through the judgement. Shalom –

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  1. Victoria Nash

    November 8, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    These words agree with all that I know to be true. The Spirit itself bears witness, as promised in the scriptures. Blatant rebellion to right, and love for all manner of filth feeds the flesh we know as todays american culture. We truly live in a culture that depicts low moral standards and a love for evil, as in the days of NOAH and LOT. The day of the election, our family prayed for our Fathers’ will to be done. The day after the election, we thanked HIM that although we do not understand all, we trust HE allows what must be. However, as HIS people we know good plans is what HE has for us, and as HIS people and the sheep of HIS pasture we trust HIM to lead us by the still waters. HE will restore our souls. As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear NO evil. For HE is with us, HIS rod and staff they do comfort us. HE will prepare a table before us, and in the PRESENCE OF OUR ENEMIES. HE will anoint our heads with oil, and our cups will overflow. Surely, goodness and mercy shall be with us ALL the days of our life, and we will DWELL in the house of YAHWEH FOREVER AND EVER.


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