18 Jun

Rhonda and I have never been ones to quit, and we are well aware of the Scripture reminder that God will make a way of escape when circumstances seem too much to bear . . . but there are those days that can test one to the breaking point. Today is one of those days.

Our old chevy truck is a necessary workhorse of this project. With over 400,000 miles, it has been used to accomplish everything from pulling stumps and logs, stretching fencing hauling materials, to the one task without which we cannot continue to stay here – hauling fresh water. Over the last year or so, we have been blessed to be able to raise about half the funds needed to sink a water well. But half is still not enough, so we must haul fresh water in by our truck and tank for our personal needs, if for nothing else

This evening, as we were heading out for a load of water, it seems the transmission has gone out on the truck . . .no transmission means no hauling anything. Without this truck, our work here is essentially at a total standstill, as well as our ability to stay on site. Without this truck, without water, we cannot stay here. We need resolution now. Please stand with us in this most urgent need . . . shalom –J&R

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    June 21, 2016 at 11:24 pm

    Just read this…praying for you….that YHWH will provide for you…speak to you… and direct you….comfort and strengthen you during this trying time…you are not alone. We love you and will help in whatever way we can….I pray that others will help….that Father will speak to many to help and that they will do as He leads them….I pray Abba’s perfect will be done in this situation according to His mercy and grace and may He remember you in this matter and in all matters….He is with you…..Love and shalom, Melody Sent using Hushma


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