15 Aug
Based on our understanding of the Word and on projected
dates of upcoming ‘new moons’, the dates for the upcoming
holidays are as follows :
 Yom Teruah ( Feast of Trumpets) – evening of Sept. 4th – evening of 5th . . .
Yom Kippur ( Atonement)             – evening of Sept. 13th – evening of 14th . . .
Sukkot ( Feast of Tabernacles)       – evening of Sept. 18th – evening of 26th . . .
NOW . . . The Fairgrounds are available to us for those dates and have been reserved.
The cost for the grounds again $ 450 for the 8 days. In the past couple years, the cost per family has been roughly 
$ 50.00 per family unit .
  In an effort to project the cost per family this year, we need an accurate count of the
number of families that will be in attendance.
     PLEASE send an ‘RSVP’  ASAP so that we can all plan accordingly.

Shalom to your home – J & R

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