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11 Jun

There is a video making the rounds (you won’t see it on our pages) concerning an annual LGBTQ event in Tel Aviv. hmmm . . . an event not unlike things that go on here in the states and around the planet on a daily basis. Many people have commented that events like this are one reason ‘they’ will not support Israel. During our first trip to Israel in 2004, after wrestling with being ‘disenchanted’ with how secular Israel appeared, The Lord spoke and said ‘The Land’s not ready yet.’ It seems sin is universal and exists across the earth, even in Israel. Somehow, for some reason, we hold Israel to a higher standard than the rest of the world. Curious . . . since they are just like the rest of us . . . some believers, some not; some saved, some lost; some confused, some not; some in light and some in darkness. See we must remember the physical land and occupants is God’s Land and He will deal with the situation there when the time comes. We, in the meantime, are to pray for the Land and the shalom of Jerusalem. God said He would bless those that bless Israel and bring a curse on those that esteem Israel lightly or trifle with them. The Israel that we support? The ones that literally risk life and limb on constant basis to share the Gospel, to walk out the Truth of Yeshua/Jesus in the face of unbelievable opposition; that’s the Israel we support. The Israel we support is the One made up of people sharing the Truth of The Messiah in spite of this perverted event in their midst, in spite of constant attempts by the anti-missionary movement to silence them, a movement unwittingly at times supported by HR and protestant congregations here in the states and around the world. n The Israel we support are those that are making a difference in the lives of so many in The Land on a daily basis by sharing the Gospel of Yeshua/Jesus with those in The Land, and sharing at the risk of be being deported from their homes and jobs and families, never to be allowed to return. How easy it is for us to sit here and point our fingers at them and how they allow such terrible things in their Land when we allow the very same things to go on in our communities, schools, colleges, governments and churches and congregations here. God forgive our arrogance and self-centered-ness.

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