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19 Jun

Early Saturday morning, June 16th 2018, I had something shown to me that I would like to share. I don’t know the full extent of this and if more is revealed I will share. What I saw during my dream happened 3 times. Here is what I saw.
I was asleep and dreaming ( don’t remember what the dream was about) and suddenly a still-image picture, like a poster, was super imposed over my dream. I say over the dream because I didn’t see the dream anymore while the picture was there. It was a picture of 2 men shaking on a peace agreement. I sensed in my spirit one was a leader, like Trump, but not necessarily Trump, and I sensed the other man was from the Middle East. This picture was superimposed long enough for me to see it and know that the men were shaking on a peace agreement. Then I immediately started dreaming again, and a little while went by and the same thing happened. This time, even though I was asleep, I ask the Father ‘ what is this?’ The second picture ended and a little while passed and I saw it for a third time. Please take this to prayer. Shalom – Rhonda

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