Some Torah thoughts to Ponder . . . ‘When a woman gives birth . . .’

22 Jul

Some Torah Thoughts to Ponder . . . ‘When a Woman gives birth . . .’

Leviticus 12:1-8   ‘. . . and when a woman gives birth . . .’

As we go through this, please notice the offerings in this passage are very similar to some of those among the weekly offerings of Sukkot, the time of the regathering of the House of Israel . . .

Who birthed Israel (Jacob)? – Rebekah
Who birthed Messiah ? – Israel

For female offspring – 14 days (2 sets of 7) and 66 days – two sets of 33 . . . for a total of two sets of 40 (fulfillment of judgment, things being set right, completion) . . .
one for each House of Israel. Remember, Israel was divided into two houses and it was God’s doing .
Another place we see ‘two sets of 7’ are in the seven daily offerings of Sukkot, the regathering of the House of Israel, the Bride, the female . . .
( Num. 29:12-34)

For a male child – 7 days (one set of 7) and 33 days, for a total of 40 . . .- (fulfillment of judgment, things being set right, completion) . . . on the 8th day the boy is circumcised.

After the total days of her uncleanness are finished ( whether a male or female child) and she is clean, she presents to the Priest the offering of the lamb and the dove, an offering before the Lord to make atonement and she shall be clean from the flow of blood.
(Lev. 12:6-7)

It is interesting at the age of 33 Yeshua (the Lamb) dies and as the High Priest He makes atonement for His bride, offering His Blood as the Lamb, and she is made clean from the blood. ( Let His blood be on us and on our children Matt. 27:25-) . . . and after His departure the Dove was sent . . .

Yeshua came only for the House of Israel . . . In Numbers 29:35-36 we see one set of 7 lambs and one bull . . . for now the two houses have become one . . .‘and the two sticks shall become one in My Hand, says the Lord ( Eze. 37:19). . .’
one restored house . . . one set of 7 plus 33 (Yeshua) =  40 (completion, restoration) plus one bull symbolizing One Nation; and the One Lamb and one Dove signify the uncleanness has been taken away. . .

The offerings during the week of Sukkot . . .
Each day – 14 lambs . . . two sets of 7

On the 8th day of Sukkot . . . one bull and one set of 7 lambs . . . symbolizing completion.

On the eighth day of the male child there is ‘circumcision’ . . . the uncleanness is taken away. At the conclusion of each time period – 33 plus 7 days for the male child, 66 plus 14 (two sevens) for the female child – the mother presents the offerings – Lamb and the Dove – signifying the uncleanness has been taken away . . . One scenario symbolizes the two houses to BE restored and the other scenario signifies the One House Restored.
It is interesting in these short eight verses we see the two houses of Jacob becoming the one restored House in the Father’s Hand through the atoning work of Messiah Yeshua.

Before Israel went into the Land, preparing to keep the Passover, they were all ‘circumcised’ and the uncleanness was rolled away – Gilgal .
The first time they went in was at Passover, the second time will be at Sukkot (Zech.14).
Shalom – R&J

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