Some additional intriguing numbers . . .

29 Dec

SOME ADDITIONAL INTRIGUING NUMBERS . . . It has been reported that John Kerry’s speech was 70 minutes in length . . . if true, that is interesting. He said he had 7 points to make – 7 – and then presented 6 points – 6 . Hopefully we all understand the number 6 to be the number of ‘man’ and we see man’s hand in the events in the middle east. But then the number 7 on the other hand, is a sign of God’s mark on something. ‘7’ in hebrew is ‘sheva’ which comes from the word ‘shava’ which means ‘an oath’. Each time we see the number 7, it should remind us that God has declared the last days from the beginning and puts His Mark – His 7 – on events to show His Hand in the process. God said His Land would be divided and woe to those by which it is divided. So how should we pray in these days? Pray as Abraham prayed – for mercy ‘for the ten righteous in the city’; mercy for this nation that was once considered by many to be a ‘city on a hill’ and has now become a knife in the back of our ally Israel, the apple of God’s eye. ShalomNoah's Ark Image

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