Signs and Patterns

17 Jan

In the passage of Scripture Exodus 18:1 through 19:25, there are two quick observations we would like to make mention of. First, the ‘signs’.  There were signs for the ‘believers’ – the people of Israel –and there were signs for the ‘unbelievers’ – those of the nations.

And the ultimate sign – everything happened just as it was spoken by Abba. He ‘declared the end out of the beginning’ . . . Isa 46:10

The concept of different ‘signs’ for different groups is an original concept founded in the Torah and the Prophets. And the trend continues. In Paul’s first letter to the congregation at Corinth he describes two types of signs – one for the believer and one for the unbeliever. God is consistent. He establishes patterns and then works within them. Mostly for our benefit. We are supposed to pick up on the ‘pattern’ and then, hopefully, know what to look for.

          Secondly, ( no pun ) we speak of a ‘2nd Exodus’. Actually, a 1st and 2nd Deliverance might be more accurate, but even in this we see ‘patterns’.

For instance, in Exodus 19:4 Father God speaks of the ‘eagle’s wings’ by which He brought His people out. Lo and behold, in Revelation 12:14 He speaks of bringing His people out on – you guessed it – on eagle’s wings. Remember what Paul tells us . . . “ Now these things happened to them as examples and our written down for our admonition on whom the end of the ages comes. 1 Corinthinans 10:11

          What other lessons are there for us from the account of the 1st Deliverance ? They might just come in handy during the 2nd Deliverance . . . birth pangs of which have already begun.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem . . .

Pray your flight will not be in winter or on Sabbath . . .

Pray you will be found worthy to stand before the Son of Man at His coming . . .

Shalom to you and yours –  

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