Sad day for this nation and the ‘ten righteous in the city’ . . .

26 Jun

The Supreme Court rules same-sex marriage is legal and protected by the 14 Amendment in all 50 states . . . ‘and NOW the end begins’ . . .

The Vatican signs treaty recognizing ‘the palestinian state’  . . .

“Father God in Heaven – In Yeshua’s Name we refuse in the strongest possible terms this dark covering that has been pronounced over this nation and us as citizens by this earthly and worldly court. We rebuke this judgment in Yeshua’s Name and lay no claim to it and do not allow it or the spirit from which it comes to lay any claim on us and ours. We are children of Your Kingdom and You are our King and we refuse anything spoken over us that contradicts Your Word or defies Your Sovereignty. And we declare this openly and unashamedly in Yeshua’s Name – Amen !!”

This passage rings more truly today than ever . . . ‘ For YHWH says ‘stand at the crossroads and look and seek the ancient paths where the ‘Good Way’ is and walk in it and you will find rest for your souls . . . But the people said ‘We will NOT’ .

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