Purim once again ?

04 Mar

I know we are not the only ones to pick up on this, but felt it was worth posting. This afternoon Rhonda and I had the privilege to be on the air with Daniel Holdings and Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries. Bro. Mark mentioned about the timing of PM Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and something clicked that had not come to mind until that point. Not only was the PM here speaking to the US Congress on the eve of Purim, he was also here seeking and garnering support for Israel against Iran – modern-day Persia – the same enemy Mordechai and Esther sought protection against when she went before King. Yes, Xerxes was the king of Persia, but an evil element within Persia sought the destruction of God’s people. Once again we see how obedience can make all the difference in the outcome for the people of YHWH. Haman was an agagite – a descendant of Agag,king of the amalakites. God declared there would be war against the amalakites to the end. Israel was supposed to wipe them out. King Saul did not, and due to his disobedience, descendants of Agag the amalakite survived. That spirit and seed of the serpent was alive and well in Haman the agagite. Disobedience DOES make a difference.

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