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25 Jan

We are a diverse group of born-again, blood-bought, blood-washed believers from varying denominational and cultural backgrounds, brought together by the leading of the Holy Spirit of GOD to be discipled and to become “disciplers” in and of the full counsel of GOD, according to Yeshua’s (Jesus’) words in Matthew 5 and Matthew 28, among others.

Who we are and what our lifestyle should be in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus the Christ) is demonstrated in Paul’s admonitions in Ephesians 2, Romans 9 and 11, Galatians 3 and 5, and John’s writings in 1 John 2, 1 John 3, and 1 John 5, just to list a few. Understanding that we must view these passages and all Scripture from a biblical perspective and not necessarily from a denominational doctrinal standpoint. We teach and practice the Torah as a life-style change brought about by being ‘set apart’ by the blood of Messiah. We do not keep the instructions of our Heavenly Father in an effort to be saved, but rather we teach, guard and observe the commandments of GOD because we are saved. (Matt 5:18,19 ) Those ‘instructions’ extend into our daily lives and practices, giving us direction on our worship methods, days and seasons and even to what is proper for us to eat and what our Father considers food and what us unclean. ( Lev. 11 ) All of God’s creation is good, but not all things were created to be eaten. Pigs, shellfish, shrimp and other creatures were never intended by our Father to be eaten. They were created for a specific purpose, but not as food. If our faith does not direct our ‘lifestyle’ as it sets us apart and brings us into obedience to the Father’s Word, then is it, in fact, true ‘Faith’

We believe in the reality and necessity of the gifts of the Holy Spirit of GOD in these last days and that there is, always has been, and always will be ONLY One Way to the Father and that Way is through the shed Blood of the Son of GOD – Yeshua (Jesus) – brought about by the conviction and drawing of the Holy Spirit of God, acted upon by confession and repentance of sin, to be followed by willful submission to obedience to the Word of GOD.

The “Word of God”…It is living and sharper than a two-edged sword. It is Yeshua (Jesus) and HE is the Word…the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us and is to come again. He (the Word – Yeshua – Jesus) is the Torah of GOD. He is Genesis to Revelation, the teachings and instructions for life now, life abundant, and life eternal. He is the full Counsel of GOD for the people of GOD. A people that GOD calls Israel – a people we have been grafted into by the Blood of Messiah (Eph. 2:8-13, Rom. 11:17-26, Acts 7:37-38), undivided, from all walks of life, from all nations, tribes and tongues, to be joined together in the last days according to the Prophets…to abide forever with GOD the Father (YAHWEH) under the headship of His Son Yeshua (Jesus) in the New Jerusalem. THIS IS WHO WE ARE.

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