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03 Dec

Sitting here, pondering the events of yesterday, overcome by emotion, we are humbled and overwhelmed by our Lord’s mercy, grace, power and faithfulness. This is not the first time this has happened, and not only to us but to others as well. In the past, the Spirit spoke these words to Rhonda, ‘the enemy is going to try to kill you’, and within minutes the attempt was made, and the enemy has tried to take out many others who can share a similar testimony.
There is a tremendous battle raging in the heavens and in the earth and there is ‘change’ coming, a change the enemy does NOT want to take place. God’s glory is coming and the enemy is desperately raging against it. Anyone that willingly steps onto the battle field is a target, for it is not about any person or ministry or group or denomination or theology. It is about the promised move of God in the earth in these last days.
The Lover of our souls is wanting to do a great work in His people in these days and the enemy of our souls is fighting tooth and nail to prevent it.
So Pray . . . pray for protection . . . pray for one another . . . pray for our families . . . keep one another covered . . . circle the wagons . . . pray for the upcoming meetings in Columbus and Brad Scott in January and Bro. Charles in June . . . and as people and situations and circumstances and ministries and needs are brought to your mind, heart and spirit, Pray . . . Pray as if life and all eternity depends on it . . .

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