Passover – What did Yeshua do?

04 Apr

We have been asked numerous times concerning the ‘Seder’ traditions that are observed by so many for so many years. How did they come to be? Have they ‘always been’ as some profess? Although we had our suspicions, we decided to dig and do our homework. You might be surprised as to what we discovered.

DID YOU KNOW . . .According to many historical records, there was no ‘Seder’ (in the form we see today) in the Biblical period?

‘Seder’ (as we know it) is not mentioned in Second Temple sources such as Philo and Josephus?

The Seder and the Haggadah are (also) missing from the Second-Temple-period descriptions of Passover?

That over the period of time between the Temple and the Mishnah (approx. 70AD – early 200’s), the (concept of a) Seder was a novelty which signaled a new phase in the religion of those who claimed the Hebrew Bible as the basis of their religious beliefs, BUT required mechanisms to cope with the new realities of the third century?

There is NO historical evidence that the seder format of today (with the 4 cups and other rituals) existed in practice in the days of Yeshua/Jesus of Nazareth?

That the Mishnah (which was codified in the early 3rd century) is what mandates the ritual of what we recognize as the modern day Seder?

It was after the destruction of the Temple, that ‘The Seder’ (Aramaic meaning “order”) got its name and evolved into its current form?

So, when Messiah instructed us to ‘do THIS’ in remembrance of Me’, what was the ‘THIS’ that Messiah did AND instructed us to emulate?

Stay tuned . . .

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