Passover Seder 2015

14 Jan

We are contemplating the hosting of a Passover Seder, friday evening. April 3rd, location TBA . . . it will depend on the amount of interest and attendance, so, IF you would be interested in being a part of this celebration, we need your RSVP NOW . . . and if there is enough interest, we will move forward with the plans and will keep you updated accordingly. Shalom –

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    January 18, 2015 at 12:28 am

    I think I am repeating my exact words I said last year—-strange! I want and hope to be there, all four of us. I am going to ask Tony if he can schedule off work. Yet, he is waiting to hear the report of an MRI he had on his shoulder a few days ago. If he has a tear in his right rotator cuff, he will have to have ANOTHER surgery (same thing he had this time last year, just the opposite shoulder). If that happens, he will probably not be able to travel and will be in therapy. Last year, his left shoulder MRI was on 1-15-14. This year the right MRI was on 1-14-15. YHWH must be trying to get his attention or something, I hope Tony pays attention! What body part will it be next year, this is his last shoulder. Count us as four at the seder, I’m hoping!!!! Love and shalom, Melody Sent using Hushma


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