Passing of an Icon . . . Prophetic ?

11 Jan
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, ‘Lion of God’, passed this life saturday after lying in a coma for 7 years. Born of russian parents in 1926,he is most likely the most controversial and iconic figure in modernIsraeli history.
    Prophetic ? At the death of Rabbi Kaduri, the rabbi left behind a sealed
envelope to be opened at the one year anniversary of his death. In the envelope
were basically two statements. One, the rabbi had seen the Messiah of Israel and
His Name is Yeshua. Two, at the passing of Ariel Sharon, the Messiah
is soon to appear. What is soon ? Probably sooner than most think ?
Shabbat shalom.
Sha’alu Shalom Yerushalayim . . . pray for the Peace of Jerusalem . . .  The Spirit and the bride say ‘come quickly ‘ . . .


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