No Buying and Selling ? When? How?

17 Jan

Back in September and October of 2017, we posted some articles concerning crypto-currencies, bitcoin, etc (and we talked about it during Sukkot) and asked if anyone else saw anything ‘prophetic’ about this concept. We were NOT then nor are we now encouraging involvement in these online currencies. We WERE and ARE saying is could this this be a precursor of things to come that ARE prophetic, a type and shadow of concepts of that are alluded to in Biblical prophecy.

Everyday people from literally around the world, farmers, producers of crops and flocks and herds, both large and small, wanting some way to track their goods and their finances down to the seed and the penny, and it was ‘out of the hands’ of the powers that be. It wasn’t the stock exchanges and banks that wanted this, rather it was wanted and sought after by grass-roots folks as an alternative to the traditional system . . . something ‘different’ and ‘better’. . . . creating ‘money’ and ‘wealth’ out of thin air, online, with nothing backing it.

So, ‘the people decided’ (laodicea) to create something of value out of nothing and then use that ‘nothing’ as the standard, extending value to something that has no value. (another version of the Emporer’s new clothes ?).
Could this be a failed forerunner of things to come? Could this be just the first installment of a series of attempts to create a system ‘outside of the system’ , a maze within a maze? An attempt to stay out of one pit and literally create another into which to fall?

Scripture says there is eventually coming a system whereby your/our ability to buy and sell can be easily controlled, tracked and manipulated. And although, ultimately it will have spiritual ramifications, it will first take place in the physical financial realm. (first the physical, then the spiritual)

We need to have eyes to see and ears to hear in these days.

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