More Questions than Answers . . .

11 Jan

More questions than answers . . .
Most are aware by now of the upcoming meeting in France of a 70 nation coalition on January 15th to discuss their version of the future of the nation of Israel. Hopefully, most understand the number ‘70’ as being a number that always has ‘global community’ implications. And again, most are probably aware of the prophecies concerning God’s judgment on the nations for ‘dividing His Land’, an event and action that must take place officially at some future point, although we realize, for all intent and purposes, the nation of Israel and city of Jerusalem IS divided already. (Joel 3:2)
The question that keeps crossing our minds concerns the ‘three frogs’ of Revelation 16. The only other reference to ‘frogs’ in Scripture is in the account of the plagues of Egypt in Exodus chapter 8, as well as a reference in the Psalms ( Psalm 78:45 & 105:30) to the events in Egypt. We understand frogs were worshiped IN ancient Egypt as ‘gods’ with supposed connections to both fertility and the underworld, which would make them ‘demonic by association’ and they are obviously unclean.
Revelation 16 speaks of three demonic, unclean spirits that appear as frogs, coming out of the mouths of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet respectively, and these demonic spirits are they which God allows to draw the leaders of the nations of the earth into the valley of Jehoshaphat for the battle. We are NOT suggesting this meeting on the 15th is for war planning or war games against Israel, but IS significant in light of other events, both world-wide and in the middle east.
So what are your thoughts? What or who are these ‘frogs’? The Apostle Paul indicates the ‘mystery (secret doctrine and/or power) of lawlessness (which would be the spirit of the lawless one) was at work in his day ( 2 Thess 2:8-ff) and the lawless one would be revealed in the proper time. Can we assume the secret doctrine and spirit that has manifested in the work of these three frogs is obviously already at work and will increasingly manifest, showing itself in things like this upcoming meeting and other events prophesied and yet to occur ?
Your thoughts?

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