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18 Aug
Here is an addendum to “The Woman At the Well”……Blessings and Shalom to all, Rhonda and Jerry
                                   THE OIL AND THE WINE and TWO DONKEYS
     Revelation 6:6 and Hosea 2:14-23 are inexplicably linked . Rev. 6:6 commands… ‘not to harm the oil and the wine’.  Why ?…. it is a Promise in Hosea 2:21-22 that the Lord will give back the vineyards and  they will be restored.  
 Hosea 2:14-15 states that HE is going to ‘woo us and take us into the wilderness (desert ) and speak tenderly to us and there give us back our vineyards. And when does this happen ? In the time of ‘Jacob’s Trouble’ or what we call the ‘tribulation’, as stated in the remainder of verse 15 – “ . . . and will make the valley of Achor ( tribulation ) a door of hope . . . and she will sing as in the days of her youth, as in the days she came out of Egypt . . .” , a reference to the first Exodus.   This takes place during the tribulation – the time of Jacob’s trouble –  which is taking place towards the end of the ‘2nd day’ of Hosea 6:2.  At the ending of this ‘2nd day’ the Lord says “don’t harm the oil and the wine” . At the beginning of the 3rd day (millennial kingdom) “HE will raise us up” and HE will restore the grain, the oil and the wine (Hosea 2:21-23) and “we will live in HIS sight”.
Hosea 3:5 tell us the ‘Israelites’ ( the northern kingdom – Ephraim ) will come trembling to the LORD and to His blessings in the last days. Yeshua said “ I am sent only for the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”  Ephesians 2:11-13 clarifies that those who were formerly of the ‘nations’ have been brought near by the Blood of Messiah and are no longer foreigners and strangers but fellow citizens with God’s people. So whether we have the blood of one of the 12 Tribes running through our veins, or are simply ‘gentile’, we have been made part of the Household of God – The Whole House of Israel . . . ‘I am sent only for the  . . . House of Israel . . .’ and we are expected to keep HIS ways , just like the picture we see, and is laid down, in 2 Kings 17 . The five pagan nations listed here, coming into the Land or the ‘kingdom’ if you will, were expected to keep the Father’s commandments, even though they were  a ‘wild branch’ being put into or grafted into the ‘kingdom’ which was a shadow of what was to come ( Romans 11:17, Acts 15:13-21) .
Therefore, through and because of the ‘blood of Messiah’, those of the nations that believe are brought into the House of Israel ( Eph. 2: 11-13 ) and they ( we ) come in as part of the ‘re-gathering’ of Ephraim ( along with Judah – Ezekiel 37 )
What do we mean by ‘re-gathering’ ? Here’s a picture that we’ve not seen before. There are two donkeys in Matthew 21:1-5 and Zech 9:9. Yes, two donkeys ! (A side note here: this revelation was given to my husband (Jerry) several years back by the Ruach or Holy Spirit.)
On the day that tradition has come to call ‘palm sunday’, Yeshua ( Jesus ) comes riding into town with two donkeys – an older male and a younger male . . . the wording is quite clear in the Hebrew in Zechariah 9:9.  So, what’s that mean ?
Judah is the older brother and Ephraim ( the house of Joseph ) is the younger. We see the same symbolism in the account of the ‘prodigal son’. The ‘prodigal’ is the younger brother and Judah is the older.
So back to the two donkeys. I picture Yeshua riding the older one and leading the younger. That would line up with the Biblical tenet that Judah always goes first and leads  ( Numbers 2:9, Judges 20:18 ).
The Prophets Jeremiah ( chp. 2 ) & Hosea ( chp. 8 )  speak of the people of God as donkeys . . . and it is not a compliment. Deuteronomy 9:6 and Acts 7:51 ( and other passages ) tell us that Israel is a stiff-necked people. That includes me and you as well.
Exodus 13:13 and 34:20, seemingly out of context, speak of ‘redeeming donkeys’ in the same passage with ‘redeeming the first born of your sons . . . so what’s up with that ?
There is a play on words here that we miss without a closer look.
The word ‘ARAPH’ – to break or ‘slope’ the ‘NECK’ ( OREPH ) is a picture of our unwillingness to humble ourselves due to our basic sinful nature . . . pride.
Therefore we must be ‘redeemed by a LAMB’. And if there is no redemption, then we ultimately die.
But, when we willingly accept the work of Messiah on the cross ( the redemptive LAMB of our FATHER ) we willingly humble ourselves before HIM ( we ‘slope the neck’ and bow the head and heart ) and we need not fear the second death ( Rev 2:11, 20:6 ) .
            So what do we have in this ‘triumphal entry into Jerusalem’, understanding that Yeshua does nothing without meaning ? We have a picture of the beginning of the fulfillment of the restoration of the Whole House of Israel with Messiah – the Passover Lamb, the Shelem, the peace offering making reconciliation – leading the way and bringing His people back home. 
“ . . .For I am sent only for the lost sheep of the House of Israel . . .” Matthew 15:24
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