Lot and Sodom for Today . . .

28 Jun

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Yeshua, in Matthew and Luke, speaks of ‘the last days’ in two comparisons – ‘the days of Noah’ and ‘the days of Lot’. We repeatedly hear – ‘Lot was told to leave Sodom’ or ‘come out of her (Babylon) my people’; and many conclude, therefore, since the US ‘sodom-like’ and ‘babylonian’, all believers need to leave America. Lot WAS instructed to leave Sodom. And in that instruction, Lot was directed precisely where and when to go. God DOES instruct his people to ‘come out of her’. But what does that mean? There are SO many ‘teachers’ and ‘watchmen’ today saying ‘leave America (babylon)’ and yet giving NO real clear, biblically-based ‘where and when’ other than ‘leave here and go somewhere else’. Where is the ‘One Place’ on the map that has been designated by God as ‘The Safe Place’ ? We will submit there is NOT one, yet. Yes, some do say Israel or perhaps another country or hemisphere. But What’s The Word Say? The Land of Israel and The City of Jerusalem will come under greater persecution, with armed conflict along with natural disasters and many will die or become displaced. The Land and the people will be raped and ravaged with great destruction and despair before Messiah appears. God WILL provide safety for His people IN the midst of the judgment and persecution to come. That safety might be provided in their own backyards. It might BE in another state or country. But right now, WHERE on the globe is ‘the place’ that is NOT already dealing with the issues we now face and the ones on the horizon ?
We just spoke with a brother in Australia saying this same issue (SSM) is coming up there for a vote in August. Tel Aviv just had their Annual Gay Pride Event and is dubbed the ‘Pink Capitol’ of the world . . . and as of 2012, 11 (Eleven) other countries had already legalized ‘same-sex marriages’. By the way, IF the US is Babylon, then ‘who’ are these other countries ? Where are the Believers in those other countries supposed to flee ? Their governments and conditions are not any better than here . . . and some are MUCH worse. What must the believers in those countries be thinking ? We are not saying ‘we are’ or ‘are not’ part of the ‘Babylonian system’ . . . but rather trying to point out that the issues people use to ‘prove’ WE are Babylon are going on around the world and, in many cases, were in these other countries before coming here. We are so narcissistic as americans and as western believers. We act as if the whole world and ALL prophecy revolves around us here in the US. Yes, we, as a nation and part of The Body, will be impacted severely, but we are not the ‘center attraction’.
In these days, in the midst of these issues and decisions, each person and family must have the necessary personal relationship with our Father so as to hear His Voice, and seek the Lord in these days for HIS itinerary for them. God can hide us in the middle of the street IF HE so chooses. If He can cover me in a foreign Muslim country, He can cover me where I am, IF HE so chooses. IF HE tells me to stand in the middle of the battlefield, then THAT is where I need to be. We must be careful and discerning when taking direction from someone else concerning what ‘God has said for me to do’. Remember the young prophet who took counsel from the Older Prophet rather than listening to the instructions given directly to him? He died . . . We have seen MANY go to The Land and many return, for it was not time for them to go or they were NOT supposed to be there. In these days, we cannot afford those errors. Pray for ‘ears to hear’ and ‘eyes to see’ and just as in the days of old, when ‘He Who is in the Cloud’ says moves – MOVE! And when ‘He Who is in the Cloud’ says stay – STAY! For where ‘The Cloud’ is, the same is your ‘safe place’.

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