Laughter and Ministry – can they mix?

01 May

There was a ‘blooper’ in our most recent broadcast. We recently were ‘slammed’ for our humor and told ‘people expect teachers to be serious’. 🙂  We are told that an occasional ‘blooper’ is acceptable but there is no place for the laughter and humor in the work of a ‘serious teacher’. We are told by some they cannot share our teachings with other serious teachers and students of The Word because of the humor included.

We learned this one truth years ago – God calls who He calls because that’s who He calls. Not everyone will hear what Abba gives us. He knew us before He called us and knows who and what we are. Our prayer is that the ones that need to hear, the ones He sends us to, they will hear. And, for the ones that cannot hear us, Abba will send to them the one they can hear, if they will.

We are who we are – no more, no less. We didn’t ask to be teachers . . . but we cannot deny the call. And all whom He calls are called in spite of and because of who they are and what He made them, bless His Holy Name. So, may the laughter God gives us in the message we share be as good medicine to your bones . . . it DOES make the bitter medicine go down easier.
God is good . . . and remember, even He laughs . . .
Besides, if you don’t think God has a sense of humor, just take a look in the mirror . . .

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    May 4, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    Well said! I enjoy your teachings, and the humor and “oopsie daisies” make me chuckle or right out laugh and it is good! If you can laugh, when a bump in the road happens or humor is found in a point while teaching it is like stopping to smell the roses while on a journey to get somewhere. It makes you smile and adds more memory to the moment, AND both are good medicine! Keep up the good work! Love and shalom Sent using Hushma


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