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31 May

If a hebrew man ‘sells’ himself to you, he can serve you six years and we will set him free at the beginning of the 7th year . . . he must only serve you 6 years. The Jubilee is announced at Yom Kippur at the end of the 49th year and the beginning of the 50th year. if there is a pattern and precedent in this, then it would seem to reason the sabbatical or 7th year would begin at the end of the 6th year and the debt would be erased at the beginning of that sabbatical year. if that is the case ( and it seems to be the pattern in Scripture) then Sept 2001 and Sept 2008 were the beginnings of each respective sabbatical year and not the end. That would place the BEGINNING of the next sabbatical year in the fall of 2015 instead of this fall being the end of a sabbatical year. That would make 2015-2016 the next sabbatical year . . . now let’s talk about Jubilee. In our thinking (we know that can be a scary concept for some smile emoticon ) the closest thing to a Jubilee we have seen in the last 100 years would have been 1917 (Balfour Declaration) and 1967 (Israel takes back Jerusalem and other promised territory). IF . . . IF . . . . IF . . . 1917 and 1967 were Jubilees then the pattern would layout for the fall of 2016 going into 2017 as the next Jubilee, which would make 2015-2016 not only a Sabbath year but also the 49th year and then 2016-2017 would be a Jubilee. By the way – the 50th year is also the first year of the next 7 year cycle. Now . . . IF . . . IF . . .what if 2016-2017 is a 50th year and the first year of the next 7 year cycle . . . could that next cycle be Daniel’s 70th week, a 7-year period ending at Sukkot ( Zech 14) with the return of Messiah and the beginning of the Millennium ? And if we count back 42 months from Sukkot we wind up at Passover . . . and if we count back another 42 months we are at Sukkot and the Fall Feasts . . . The last days DID begin at Messiah’s coming (Acts 2) and His earthly ministry time WAS the culmination of the ages ( Hebrews 9:26) . . . ? just a thought . . .worship image 7

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